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How to use hair clippers for the first time?

The hairstyle is a fundamental component of the look. In fact, even if we dress in a particular way, the haircut remains what immediately catches the eye of the beholder. The length of the hair should therefore not be neglected, as it grows, it gets messy and becomes uncontrollable. Obviously, you can’t always go to the hairdresser or barber, as it can get very expensive. In aid of the lovers of the look cured, come the hair clippers. These aren’t super easy to use, as they require some practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will see that you will save a lot of time and money. In the following guide, I will explain how to use hair clippers.

Best alternatives to hairspray

Hair spray is a product that has been used for many years now. Born in 1948, but spread in the 60s, lacquer has always been used to give a perfect fold to the rounded and teased hairstyles of the fashion of those years. Initially adopted in hairdressing salons, a few years later, the lacquer was marketed in all the shops and bought not only by the ladies but also by the men who wanted to keep the famous Elvis-style tuft on their feet.

How to wear a floral midi skirt

During the summer, dresses with floral elements are mainly used to make them look more jaunty and lively, suitable for the warmer season. The bright colors and cheerful patterns, combined with light and fluttering garments, are undoubtedly a must in every woman’s summer wardrobe. A piece of clothing that is very fashionable in recent times is the floral skirt, which adapts to many different looks: it can be long, short, tight or fluttering. Here is a matching skirt that features floral motifs.

How to Measure a Bike

When riding a bike, a properly sized bike is essential to your comfort and safety riding.

A poorly sized frame whether it is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and make handling and controlling the bike dangerously.

Difficult knowing your inseam in total reach measurements and comparing these to the bike’s frame size will ensure that you are riding a road bike that fits your body.


Now before we get started, you’ll need a long carpenter’s level a cylindrical object like a pipe, or in this case, a seat post and a measuring tape a short stool is also helpful like the one Noah is sitting on here.

We recommend measuring three times each to ensure accuracy.

Finally, and this is a very important note please ask a friend to assist you when you take each of the eight measurements we require because it’s impossible to do alone. Any kind of bike you ride like BMX bikes for adults tools are the same to need.

Measure the Inseam

Now let’s get going to measure your inseam stand with your feet approximately eight inches apart and straddle the level.

you’ll need to pull the level into your sit bones to mimic the pressure you experienced when you’re sitting on your bike seat get it level and then have your friend measure the distance from the top of the level to the ground.

Measure the trunk

To measure your trunk, sit on a stool with your back straight and your pelvis hard against the wall.

Place the level on top of your AC joint which is the bony bump on top of your shoulder and measure from the bottom of the level to the top of the stool.

It’s a good idea to measure both sides of your body and average the measurements moving on to the forearm measurement.

Hold the cylindrical object in your fist lower your arm to your side bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle.

So that your forearm is ahead of you keep the object in your hand perpendicular to your forearm and measure from the center of the object which should fall in line with your knuckles to the boning protrusion at your elbow pivot.

Measure the Arm Length

Now the arm can be a tricky one because it’s tough to find the correct pivot point on your shoulder.

Remember your AC joint from the trunk measurement before well the measuring point for your arm is just below and behind your AC joint try not to allow your shoulder to come forward from the wall.

Make sure that the object in your hand is perpendicular to your arm then measure from the center of the cylinder back to the pivot point and put the average for both arms in the box.

Moving on down to the thigh sit on a stool again making sure your back is straight and your pelvis is once again hard against the wall.

Then ensure that your femur that your thigh bone is parallel to the ground in your tibia is perpendicular to the ground.

Place the level across the front of both of your kneecaps then measure from the inside face of the level to the wall like the arm and forearm.

Just three more to go so let’s hit the lower leg you should remain seated for this one then places the level across the top edge of your kneecaps.

Where they connect to the bottom of your inner quadriceps muscles and then measure from the bottom of the level to the ground now stand back up against the wall and let’s measure your sternal notch.

Again, make sure your feet are approximately eight inches apart and then feel around for the sternal notch in your neck it’s the bony v immediately beneath your Adam’s apple.

Once you find it measures the distance from the apex of that notch all the way down to the floor.

Lastly, let’s take a measurement of your total body height remains standing against the wall and set the level on top of your head.

Once it’s leveled out measure from the bottom of it to the floor as you can see this one would be

really hard without a little bit of help.

There we’re all done you should be looking at the outputs now in a couple of different fit styles depending on your discipline Road mountain or trails.


Here in this article, we have discussed almost all bike measuring guidelines. There are three things you should aware of when measuring a bike that is inseam, trunk and, arm length.

If you’re looking for more helpful hints tips and advice there are loads more information on OutdoorXsports calms and don’t forget to like and share this article.

What to wear to a graduation?

Graduation is certainly one of the most rewarding moments in life and therefore deserves to be celebrated. For this reason, on the occasion of the event, interested parties organize parties by inviting friends and relatives. If you are one of these people too, it is important to know what to wear to not look bad. Among other things, clothing must be impeccable and suitable for the type of degree obtained. About this, here is a list of What to wear to a graduation party.

Shoes to wear with long skirts

Every woman, as such, has in her wardrobe that garment considered in the 1970s as the main object of seduction: that is, the skirt. It can be of various sizes, shapes and lengths, but anyone has at least one. With this guide we would like to help women correctly match a skirt to shoes, focusing on the combination of styles and shapes, and focusing on how to enhance the physiognomy of the body. In the first part, we focus mainly on shoes to wear with long skirts.

Stylish haircuts frizzy hair to improve your look and style

Looking for thick, fluffy haircuts that allow you to tame frizz? If you have this hair texture, do not think that you are an exception because fluffy and frizzy hair is one of the most frequent problems for both men and women, especially when their hair tends to become very dry and frizz seems impossible to tame.

Genetics itself, the use of hair products with excess chemicals or certain external agents are some of the possible causes of this problem. However, we want you to know that there is a solution. Besides some Home Remedies for fluffy hair that will help you show off a much healthier mane, it is also essential to find a good cut that favors your face and hair texture. So, in the following article, we leave you some Stylish haircuts frizzy hair that will help you forget about this problem and allow you to show off your own elegant and groundbreaking style.

Stylish haircuts frizzy hair

Stylish haircuts frizzy hair

Layered bob

Are you looking for fluffy haircuts but are afraid that the style you like will not suit you? It is a very common concern with the bob style, as many believe that it is totally incompatible with frizzy manes.

However, the trick is to know how to wear it, since if you bet on a layered bob style that allows you to play with the volumes and find the perfect balance, you will be able to favor your features, wear a lighter and more modern hairstyle and adapt it according to the day, as it is a very versatile option!

If you are looking for cuts for fluffy and wavy hair, this option is undoubtedly one of the most flattering.

Short shaggy cut

Original, casual, modern and very easy to style, the short shaggy is the right choice for renewing unruly manes and tame that texture that you have not just mastered. As you can see in the examples, the shag, shaggy, or swag cut is a versatile style characterized by a cut with very well defined layers that allow a lighter and fresher cut to be worn.

So if you are looking for cuts hair short fluffy and fancy a rejuvenating style, do not hesitate to try the short shaggy cut.

Long shaggy cut

Did you know that the shaggy cut is not defined by its length? As we have seen, this cut is characterized by its layered style so that you can find from the shortest shags to the longest, with or without bangs, etc.

If you are looking for cuts for thick and fluffy hair and you do not want to risk a very risky cut, the long shag can be your best ally. And it is that not only is it one of the best haircuts to remove volume, but the layers of the hairstyle will manage to hide the frizz almost completely.


Wondering how to avoid fluffing your hair? The quickest and most effective answer can be found in this hairstyle, as it is a fun and youthful cut perfect for adding a transgressive or sweet touch to your image.

If you have straight hair, but frizz brings you head, the pixie can also be the solution; it only bases the cut on strands with extra sharp and fired ends to camouflage, thus, the natural frizz, gracefully framing your face at the same time.

Asymmetrical mane with bangs and volume

We can also find the shaggy cut in the form of an asymmetrical mane with bangs, a very comfortable and versatile option perfect for abundant and fluffy manes. This style will not only help you take advantage and control the natural volume of your hair, but it will create strands at different heights to give it movement. If, at the same time, you add a casual fringe to complete the hairstyle, you will completely camouflage the frizz and you will take years off.

The lob in all its versions

Do you want to know other cuts for frizzy hair? If so, take note because the lob is a beautiful, safe and elegant proposal that consists of shaping the classic long bob. This option admits numerous changes to adapt to each face’s characteristics, and the best thing is infallible when it comes to tame fluffy hair!

Its secret is to let the half hair fall on the clavicle, forming very loose waves and with the ends paraded. From here, you can give it the finish that you like the most, for example, clearing the nape, taking one side longer than the other, thus seeking total asymmetry or, if you prefer, completing the cut with an extra lopsided fringe long.

Mullet style

With the following option, this will not be a problem for you, because in addition to being a style that has been going strong and has starred in some of the best hairstyles of the season, it is an extremely light, fresh and youthful option.

And the thing is that there are few haircuts so that it does not fluff as effective and comfortable as this one, so if you want a change and want to try one of the successes of the moment, do not hesitate! Forget the most classic mullet and get inspired by some celebrities to find the best style for you.

How to remove frizz from your hair?

Remember that if your hair tends to frizz, one way to combat it is to add extra hydration to the hair fiber. A shampoo that includes glycerin in its composition, an ultra-hydrating mask once a week, and not overusing hair dryers or straighteners are some tips that you should keep in mind.
Looking for ideas on how to style fluffy hair? You have more options than you think. If you want to wear it loose, bet on undone waves and if you fancy a pickup, the classic high ponytail but with some studied loose strand or a nice low braid, lopsided are two infallible proposals so that frizz stops being an inconvenience and becomes an advantage when combing your hair.

How to care for a rabbit outdoors?

Rabbits are part of the group of companion animals that can be found in many homes. Some of them attract a lot of attention for their sweet appearance, as is the rabbit case. It stands out for looking at first glances like a stuffed animal or a baby rabbit, even if it is an adult, but in reality, it is nothing more than a very small rabbit.

The rabbit is appreciated for its beauty, but the esteem cannot stay there because it requires a series of care to enjoy good health and be really happy, which is our responsibility from the day we welcome it at home. To discover how to care for a rabbit outdoors and its main characteristics, we recommend that you continue reading this article about rabbits’ primary care.

How to care for a rabbit outdoors?

The rabbit or mini rabbit has a very small stature and size since its weight ranges between 500 grams (which are called super rabbits) and 1.1 kg. Due to its dwarf size, this species is very popular as a companion animal.

These are the main characteristics of the rabbit :

  • It is usually gray, white or black, but there are also brown tones or spots.
  • This breed is very active, so it needs to live in a large space to move around a lot and channel the accumulated energy.
  • They can be especially nervous and elusive.
  • As with most rabbits, bunnies generally don’t like being held either very much. In these circumstances, when they do not want to be grabbed or hugged, they can bite or scratch (even if it is to try to escape since they have fine nails), so this is an aspect to consider to avoid scratches, especially in children.

Feeding the rabbit

Don’t you know what a rabbit eats? If you are going to adopt one, you must know in advance how the rabbit is fed. After leaving their mother’s milk, these bunnies feed only on hay in their first months of life, and when they reach adulthood, they are ready to eat more things.

Oats, alfalfa, hay, and mixes or specific feed for rabbits are some of the ingredients with which you can feed them, but always in small quantities so that they do not overeat at once. Also, to develop correctly, it is convenient that you provide them with vegetables and fruits daily, such as spinach, cucumber, banana, apple, and peach. However, be careful and inform yourself well, as some vegetables and fruits are not suitable for rabbits, as is the case with bananas. Also, to reduce the risk of hairballs in the stomach, add rabbit malt to your rabbit’s diet.

You should also consider that his teeth will grow non-stop, so he will need objects that he can gnaw on. If you collect branches or pine cones on your excursions so that the rabbit can gnaw, keep in mind that beforehand it is advisable to wash them very well (never have traces of soaps or other products and that they are very well dried in the open air) to avoid health problems in the animal.

Environmental enrichment for rabbit

how to care for a rabbit outdoors

Due to the enormous activity they have, it is also relevant to provide entertainment, stimuli and the best for rabbits.

  • There are different objects that the rabbit can gnaw, such as wood shavings, without posing a danger to its health.
  • There is also a softer texture that is useful to be moved and manipulated without difficulty.
  • Structures with multiple ducts are very suitable for rabbits as they are prey animals, so they are another alternative for them to run and feel safe in a place similar to burrows.
  • Finally, bet on capable of dispensing food to stimulate the rabbit’s intelligence and smell.

Cage for rabbit

The small size of the rabbit confuses many people about the activity he needs to have. They are very energetic animals that require daily exercise, so they must live in a cage adjusted to this need.

The cage for a rabbit must be wide, with a minimum size of 100 X 50 X 70 cm and with an outdoor area enabled (fenced or not depending on your preferences) so that it can leave and enter the cage as desired. Allow him to leave the cage to the prepared outdoor area , either indoors or out, for at least two hours each day and move more freely. Of course, the more hours he is out of the cage, the better for the animal, but it must be an authorized and controlled area to avoid accidents (without cables in the middle that can gnaw or objects that can harm it). If you leave it in the cage for a long time and daily, it will have more health and behavior problems. It does no good to be caged.

Cleaning the cage of the rabbit

The hygiene of the rabbit is as important as that of its environment. Clean the cage, the feeders and drinkers and other utensils every 5 days or so. Still, you will have to pay attention to the need for hygiene because your rabbit may get dirtier and you will have to clean more than once a week or not so dirty and stretch the cleaning up to 7 days, maximum.

Rabbit bath

Another aspect to consider about how to care for a rabbit is that of the baths. They are clean animals that are in charge of being groomed daily. Therefore, you do not need to bathe him often.

If for some reason it gets dirty, using a wet wipe will be enough or, if it is not because it is very dirty, you can also bathe it but using a specific soap for rabbits or one with a neutral pH. Also, never dry it with the dryer because you could burn it very easily, dry it with towels and in the open air.

Vaccines for the rabbit

In order for the animal to be as healthy as possible for many years, it is important to comply with the vaccine schedule for the rabbit.

Therefore, take him to the veterinarian to examine him and start giving him the corresponding vaccines. The specialist will tell you which vaccines are necessary and their periodicity. In this way, myxomatosis is prevented, that is, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes and fleas.

What do armadillos eat?

Animals can be classified according to their characteristics, one of them, and one of the most important, being the specific diet of each type or species of animal on our planet. Some animals are carnivores, others herbivores, others that eat all kinds of food, other ruminants, predators, among others.

How to repair damaged nails after acrylics

The nail acrylic differs from traditional nail polish in texture, application and duration. The acrylic is easy to apply and must be fixed using the UV lamp (or oven) essential for polymerization. The duration represents the advantage of this product. In fact, it allows you to keep a well-groomed manicure for a few weeks. Once removed, however, you can find yourself with inflamed or too thin nails due to excessive use of the file. In this guide, we will see how to repair damaged nails after acrylics.

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