dressing elegantly

7 tips for dressing elegantly

Many women dress elegantly and more are those who would like to dressing elegantly but do not know what to do.

First, to dress elegantly, we must often forget fashion and trends. It is more about being remarkable for the beauty and the grace that delivers an outfit than for its style. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips today to choose the clothes that will give you a classy and elegant look.

Best tips for dressing elegantly

1. Understand that elegance comes with simplicity

dressing elegantly

If you pay attention to the pictures of women you find elegant, you will find that they dress very often with simplicity. Most of the time they do not have motley patterns or disparate elements. They generally opt for neutral tones or for tones that perfectly match their skin tone. The lines of the clothes worn are generally very simple as well. A pretty sheath dress will often be a very good choice to appear chic and elegant.

2. Wear only what suits you

dressing elegantly

If you want to have a flawless look, you must know what works best on you. This ranges from the choice of colors to the cut of the clothes you wear. You must be able to know the list of the most flattering cuts according to your silhouette. Be it for jeans, skirts, dresses and even tops. Recognizing the cuts that are best adapted to your body type and the shades that are best suited to your skin texture will enable you to refuse any compromise when buying a new piece of clothing. Even if the garment is sold. It is always better to spend a little more money and to have an impeccably adapted garment than to throw yourself on an article which will never be able to highlight you. It is the best tips for dressing elegantly.

3. Bet on the pieces out of time

Among the various essential articles of the female dressing room, some are simply timeless. They cross the time without difficulty because they display despite the times, the fashions and trends, the same elegant cut, the same timeless charm. Among these “must-have” are The little black dress, the pencil skirt, the diamond earrings or the still very chic pearl necklace. These items work today like thirty years ago and buy one of those timeless items and a wise decision, one more step towards a neat style and an elegant look.

4. Never underestimate the charm of a good handbag

A beautiful handbag always complements an outfit. You do not necessarily need a branded handbag. Opt for clean lines, which attract the eye and enhance your outfits. If you fall in love with a particular bag and think it can only be this one then … go for it!

 5. Find your own style

dressing elegantly

Finding one’s style is not an easy thing, but it is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to being dressed elegantly. If you are unsure about your outfit, you will not feel comfortable and this will be noticed. Mademoiselle Grenade regularly gives you advice on finding your style and cultivating it. Take stock of your dressing room and see what are the different styles of your clothes.

6. Evolve with grace and ease

Believe it or not, your posture, your approach, the confidence you have in you … have an importance on the aura you release. Having a good posture and having confidence in yourself can help you look more elegant. Think about it. Have you ever seen an elegantly dressed woman who seemed uncomfortable in her clothes? Chances are the answer is no. It is more of a question of self-confidence than of being worn.

7. Learn to like neutral hues

dressing elegantly

If you want to dress elegantly, it is essential to learn to love neutral colors. Black is often the tastiest choice you can make to be chic and elegant. This does not mean that you cannot wear colors or patterns. However, knowing the importance of natural hues can be of great help. Once you master these hues, you can mix them with other colors or patterns.

Save Money on Catering

5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Catering for Your Wedding

There are many big expenses associated with planning a wedding. The venue rental tends to be one of the largest, depending on the location you choose, but the dress, the flowers, and the photographs can certainly cost a pretty penny, as well. And then there is the catering, which can trump them all if you’re not careful. If gourmet cuisine and top-shelf liquor are what you want, you can have them, but the price could be astronomical. So if you’re looking for ways to save when it comes to catering your wedding, here are some effective solutions that may hit the mark.

  • DIY. This strategy isn’t for everyone, but there are a couple of ways it can work. First, it is a lot easier for small weddings, say 50 guests or less. When you’re feeding 200+ you probably don’t want to go it alone. Next you need to get your local family and friends involved. Catering your own wedding is necessarily a group effort, and it is made easier if your reception is held at a family home or you’re given access to a kitchen space at your event venue where food can be prepped, stored, and even cooked or warmed up. You also need to choose foods that are easy to prepare and serve, since you probably won’t spring for waiters. Buffet-style, serve-yourself dishes tend to work best. But some couples are opting for the ease of use that comes with tea service or sundae bars instead of a full meal – you just need to let your guests know so they can plan accordingly for meals.
  • Have the reception at a restaurant. Most caterers are going to charge more per plate than the average restaurant for a variety of reasons, namely the exclusivity of their service, the fact that they’re transporting the food to your venue, and the individual plating and serving of each dish. If you opt to rent out a local restaurant instead, you’ll get basically the same service. And some places even have a stage for the band or DJ to set up, they’ll clear a dance floor, and they’ll let you come in early and decorate for the event.
  • Skip the servers. One expense associated with catering is hiring waiters to serve each dish, not to mention the prep time for individual plating. You can save a lot by opting for buffet service instead of all the extra work involved with serving guests.
  • Control portions. Sure you want your guests to get enough to eat at your reception, but think about this: if you serve shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, when people are really hungry, do you really want it to be a free-for-all (for everyone but you)? Instead, make sure everything is portioned on a per-table basis so you can control the costs. Supply a set amount for appetizers, entrees, and even alcohol for each table. And give larger portions of a delicious salad so that guests won’t be upset about the diminutive size of the shrimp appetizer. You can also provide light alcohol (wine, beer, champagne) and let guests pay for their own hard liquor if they want it.
  • Comparison shop. You can’t hope to find the best wedding caterer if you don’t shop around. So get referrals from friends, try places that get good reviews on Yelp, and make sure you schedule plenty of consultations, complete with tasting. This will give you an idea of what you’ll get for the price. You’re sure to find a reputable vendor that can offer you both amazing cuisine and a price that works with your budget.
Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with a belt: The chicest and elegant

Discover the chicest and elegant belt wedding dresses and make a difference on your wedding day. Choose your favorite wedding dresses with a belt.

The wedding dresses belted are an accessory bridal fashion designers have stylish rescued. One of the accessories that continue to trend in the new collections of wedding dresses 2018.

The belt is one of the most versatile accessories because adapting the material and shape, it combines with all styles, from the most classic dresses to the most modern. They are the detail that makes the difference in the simplest lines wedding dresses, and the extra touch of glamor in the most modern designs. Discover the dresses with a belt to mark style on your wedding day.

Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with color belt

Wedding dresses with a belt

The wedding dresses belted are an invitation to make a note of color to the bridal look. Perfect to combine with dresses and elegantly enhance the feminine waist. The new collection of Marchesa 2018 wedding dresses bets on some of their designs by black belts, in contrast to white. Complement also present in the pink wedding dress of the Cotin 2019 collection, or the sensual white dress with gold belt. Belts in the form of bows that exude sensuality and naturalness in the wedding dresses of Alejandra Svarc.

The belt for wedding dress

Wedding dresses with a belt

What style of wedding dress best matches the belt? The most classic and romantic wedding dresses, such as the beautiful models with dancing skirts, wide and tight bodies. The accessory also perfect for empire style dresses, with the highest waist, just below the chest. It is important for wedding dresses with a belt combination.

The midi wedding dresses, very present in the latest collections, are complemented by vintage style belts, perfect to achieve the classic hourglass silhouette. There are also beautiful examples in straight models with a more modern cut, where the belts are an element that separates the skirts from the bodies, with a delicate softness.

Types of dress belts

From the romantic, and almost subtle, adornment of the belt or loop to enhance the waist, as in the collections of Rosa Clara, to the incredible buckle belt of the couture model by Lorenzo Caprile.

If your style is soberer and you do not want to wear a bow or applications in the same fabric, you will find the most interesting satin or silk belts of the most classic collections, or you can also risk with precious jewel belts with strass or crystals.

The waist height of the dress is an element to consider. The dresses with high waistline combine better with wide belts, which surround the body of the bride, to create a contrast with the softness of the floaty skirts. The princess dresses bride, however, combine better with more subtle belts, which can be of a different color than the rest of the dress. If what you want is a vintage style, you can risk and decorate the dress with a colorful belt, which you can combine with the shoes.

How to Choose Clothing That Makes You Appear Taller and Thinner

How to Choose Clothing That Makes You Appear Taller and Thinner

There are a few ways to dress that gives the illusion of looking taller or thinner. The fashion magazines highlight celebrities with different body types, and what you can wear to get that perfect look. Choices can be made by looking in the right places. First, you need to know how to find them. For example, if you are wearing a skirt and want to look slimmer, put on skinny heals, at least two inches high, that have pointy toes; these help to extend the calves compared to thicker and more bulky heels.

Top Garments for Looking Taller and Thinner

The top you wear can create the ideal look, especially a top with a V-neckline. It moves the focus to your upper body rather than the middle. Your proportions will look longer. More skin is exposed from the chin to the chest, and everything from tanks to sweaters and dresses come in V-tops. Also, don’t be afraid to try garments that provide shape to the torso.

Embrace Uniform Color

It can’t hurt to wear a top and bottom that are the same color. You’ll look instantly taller and thinner, but if you wear highly contrasting colors, attention will be drawn to your mid-section. Color is always a factor in clothing. Experiment with styles and colors that are unique to you, at the same time following this rule as a general guideline. You can also choose shoe colors that match your leg so there is the effect of elongation; the effect varies with the clothing worn and the season.


Different types of jewelry can be used to focus the attention. Necklaces can be long to highlight the middle of your body. Cuffs and cocktail rings bring the eye toward the wrists, not the upper arms. You could also draw eyes away from your middle and to your face. There are so many types of jewelry that it can take some experimentation to get the look you want.

Simple Denim Is the Way to Go

A streamlined pair of jeans that are dark and void of eye-catching details can give a tall, thin look. Any decorative elements such as grommets can offer bulk. Try straight leg and boot cut styles for the look that you dream of.

Other types of clothing to consider include sport jackets and jeans. Blazers offer straight lines that make you look less curvy; their narrow lapels help too. Try an open jacket over a V-neck tank. Fabric is a consideration as well; in addition to denim, try silk, cotton, or wood gabardine. Cashmere works too. Once in a while, why not throw in a tats and cats shirt for good measure? Even if you want to look tall and thin, you can still be yourself.

How to Recover from Physical or Mental Exhaustion

How to Recover from Physical or Mental Exhaustion

Barack Obama has suffered one of the most striking changes in his physical appearance after his 8 years in office. Here we can see the before and after to become the president of the United States.

Having a stressful job can undermine our health. Before you see how we can recover from mental exhaustion, I invite you to see these 47 seconds of pure vitality.

It is a little girl who feels great and does an exercise in self-esteem and vitality in front of the mirror:

Physical or mental exhaustion can be the result of some stressful event or the practice of some intense or very continuous exercise. There are other medical causes that can be detected by visiting your doctor.

This exhaustion is translated into a reduction of forces that forces us to rest and our motivation to do the daily tasks is coming down. Literally, our body or mind says stop!

To be able to recover from this situation and get back to a good quality of life there are some natural resources that you can use or put into practice:

1) Drink lots of water.

It may be the case that the brain confuses dehydration with fatigue. In order to maintain proper hydration, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

If you’ve had strenuous physical activity, you may have to balance the electrolytes in your body. Sports drinks contain electrolytes that will help you maintain an adequate level of this mineral in your body.

2) Try a drink that contains amino acids.

– Consuming 500 mg to 3 grams of L-carnitine and 10 to 30 grams of creatine will help you increase your energy.

– 5 grams of l-glutamine, along with 100 to 200 mg of L-tyrosine, are useful for recovery.

L-lysine and L-arginine will help the body recover faster and increase muscle growth.

These recovery drinks can be found at most health food stores.

3) Exercise can increase your energy.

Exercise helps decrease the onset and development of disorders such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. These disorders can contribute to exhaustion. In addition, exercise increases the level of endorphins in the blood, which causes a greater sense of well-being.

4) Find out if there are any health problems.

If you have an underlying hormonal imbalance, it can lead to the feeling of fatigue. A consultation with the specialist would clear your doubts.

A blood test would also rule out possible anemia. Feeding in these cases is a priority.

5) Get enough sleep.

Your body needs time to recover from activities, illness or psychological trauma. Try to sleep at least 8 hours. Go to sleep at the same time each night to develop a pattern of sleep, do some relaxation exercise before going to sleep and avoid caffeine during the day (especially in the afternoon).

How to Be a Successful Student Athlete

How to Be a Successful Student Athlete

Student-athletes face a myriad of demands and responsibilities with their grueling schedules, academic expectations, and of course, the pressure to perform at the highest echelon of competition. It’s not surprising that many of them have higher than normal stress levels to accompany their athletic pursuits and that can bring with it many pitfalls and obstacles to success, both in school and on game day. So, in order to achieve everything you’re striving for as a student-athlete, it’s important to remain cognizant of the keys to success that are imperative to accomplishment in all phases of your collegiate career at the University of Cincinnati.

Prioritize Your Life

There is a lot on your plate every day at school, so you’re going to need to learn how to prioritize correctly with the goal of managing your time as effectively as possible. You’re going to feel the urge to make athletics the top priority, which is fine, but in order to be a successful student athlete you need to devote as much time to the “student” part of the equation as well. Many schools, have academic requirements that you need to meet in order to be eligible to play sports. While you may hear stories of students skating by on their grade point average as coaches and athletic departments look the other way, the reality is that the opposite happens more often than you think and students are dismissed from the team until their grades improve. The best way to avoid that problem is through smart prioritization which includes showing up to class as much as you go to practice and hit the gym.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Though this may sound like a tough thing to accomplish considering how many responsibilities you have each day, it’s important to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. It will give your body the rest it needs to tackle each day and will come in particularly handy on game day as well. This is part of that prioritization you need to be doing, factor in seven to eight hours of sleep as part of your plan.

Branch Out

Your role on the team may be secure and you’ve earned a reputation as a star athlete around campus. But it’s not the time to get complacent. In fact, you should spread your wings even further and try a few things that are outside of the norm for you. Hobbies and alternative interests to sports in college are the true measure of the great athlete as a fully formed individual after graduation. You can eat, sleep, and breathe football or basketball every day, but leave room for other pursuits outside of the sport. They may prove very useful one day down the road in the distant future.

Speaking of the Future

The goal is to make the pros. Plain and simple. You should have your sights set on that objective at all times. However, do have an alternative in mind, a Plan B if you will, in the event all of your plans go awry and professional sports aren’t in the cards. There are any number of hurdles ahead that could trip you up and the fact that less than 5% of student athletes actually go pro after graduation should at least give you the hint that coming up with a backup plan, just in case, is a shrewd move on your part.

How to choose boxing gloves

How to choose boxing gloves

If you are not sure which are the appropriate Boxing Gloves for you, pay attention, because in this post we tell you everything you need to get the right choice and how to choose boxing gloves.

It may seem like a simple decision, but there are several factors to consider in order to make a good purchase and surely after reading this article you will be clear about exactly what you need.