Simple Tips for Working with Female Boss

You know it. She’s more experienced than you, probably 100 times smarter than you, which is why she’s your boss.

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1. Remember that women are comfortable in co-operation

Women are much more in networks of involvements and connections. They are not indecisive, it is just that they wish for co-operation and like to consult team members before taking any decision. They want input from all workers and not from any one. They give chance to all and that should not be taken as their incapability to decide.

2. Don’t take her nod for granted assent

While you speak, you must have noticed that your boss nods a lot. Do not take it for her consent. It is just an indication that she is listening to what you are saying. It means she is encouraging you to go on and not her agreement to your words. Often it is seen that women listen more and talk less when in a meeting, it hints that she is taking an account of other’s opinions. She wants to weigh all options before she speaks hers. Do not take advantage of that silence or nod as agreement and better be clear before you proceed with your idea.

3. Do not take any talk as hint

If your female boss talks about a thing that happened at last office party or at the mall when you met her by chance, do not think that she is hinting at something beyond professional talks. It is a very common habit of females to compare and say something related to personal experience and anecdote when they wish to illustrate a point. Do not take it as a matter of heart. Be conscious just like when you’re playing games at

4. Be careful while opposing

No one likes to be opposed and when it is your female boss, you need to be all the more vigilant. When women are opposed, they tend to get defensive and some take it as a personal attack on their credibility. When opposed, men might see it as challenge and a sign of respect or equal treatment but it is not the same with women. So, be alert when doing so and be polite and extra careful with the words.

5. Understand what the context is

Women often tend to sympathize and empathize with their co-workers and this can be misinterpreted. Just like mentioned in point no.3, do not misunderstand her, rather understand the context. For example, women often tend to say I’m sorry when they need to express sympathy and people might take it as an apology for wrong doing. It just indicates that she means to say she understand and not an apology always.

6. Accept the situation

You cannot change the situation; neither can you change your boss. So, you need to learn how to deal with it. You cannot change the way your boss thinks, operates but what you can change is the way you exhibit yourself. Rather than persuading her about your worthiness, show your credibility. Volunteer for hard projects or anything you think will earn you visibility.

7. Credit game

If you think that your boss is playing the credit game and taking it all for herself, you need to be aware. Start the brag campaign. Do not accuse her of taking your due credit, just use clean campaign politics to win a promotion, to inform others of your work. For example, when you have worked on a crucial project, you can document it by sending a mail to your boss and mark a copy to her boss or the other senior so that it is in everyone’s knowledge that who did the work. If you helped the organization cut costs, state that you feel privileged to have got the opportunity to contribute and in the process list out the ideas given by you. It will work for sure.

8. Let her know that you understand her viewpoint

All of us know that mostly women have to struggle a lot to reach the level at which they are. There might be a few exceptions but most have had it really tough and had to sacrifice a lot, personally as well. You can use this fact for your advantage. You can sympathize with her periodically and make her realize that you value her hard work.

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