Why is food hygiene so important

Food hygiene is incredibly important for anyone who works in the hospitality industry or in food and drink. This could be providing food to paying customers or preparing meals for children in an educational setting or the elderly in care homes. Regardless of how and where you provide meals and food items, there are a number of processes, procedures and legislations that you will need to follow and adhere to. There are also a number of different ways that you can have a Food Hygiene Check carried out on your business and premises.

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One of the main reasons food hygiene needs to be monitored is to ensure that the food that you serve does not cause harm to those who eat it, either through improper cooking or from food poisoning. There are four main areas that are identified by the government’s food agency as areas to focus on for good food hygiene.

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Cleaning – this focuses on the equipment that you use and the area in which you prepare and cook food. There are a number of disinfectants and cleaning products that are recommended by the government agency to help remove bacteria and viruses from surfaces. One important tip that they give is to ensure that if any food is spilled that it is immediately cleaned up and the surface it has touched is cleaned thoroughly with the appropriate products. They also note that food waste should be cleaned and removed from the area as often as possible and not allowed to build up in large quantities.

Cooking – meat is a food product that needs to be carefully cooked to avoid the consumer from ingesting harmful bacteria that can live in the meat and can cause a number of illnesses including types of food poisoning. The best practice advice is to ensure that all meat is steaming hot, any juices are running clear and that the meat is not pink inside. There is lots of advice available on how long food items should be cooked for and what the optimum internal temperatures are to indicate that the food is cooked properly.

Chilling – harmful bacteria can build up in food items if they are not chilled correctly. In some cases foods such as dairy, salads and meats need to be refrigerated to prevent them from becoming harmful to consume. Cold foods that are put into a fridge must be stored at temperatures of 8 degrees celsius or lower, but the recommendation is to keep your fridge set at around 5 degrees celsius.

Cross Contamination – this is where bacteria is spread from one food or another or from a surface to a food as a result of improper storing of foods or cleaning of areas used in food preparation or storage.In most cases this happens with raw foods, and meat in particular. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to store your products and meat correctly.

how to care for a rabbit outdoors

How to care for a rabbit outdoors?

Rabbits are part of the group of companion animals that can be found in many homes. Some of them attract a lot of attention for their sweet appearance, as is the rabbit case. It stands out for looking at first glances like a stuffed animal or a baby rabbit, even if it is an adult, but in reality, it is nothing more than a very small rabbit.

The rabbit is appreciated for its beauty, but the esteem cannot stay there because it requires a series of care to enjoy good health and be really happy, which is our responsibility from the day we welcome it at home. To discover how to care for a rabbit outdoors and its main characteristics, we recommend that you continue reading this article about rabbits’ primary care.

How to care for a rabbit outdoors?

The rabbit or mini rabbit has a very small stature and size since its weight ranges between 500 grams (which are called super rabbits) and 1.1 kg. Due to its dwarf size, this species is very popular as a companion animal.

These are the main characteristics of the rabbit :

  • It is usually gray, white or black, but there are also brown tones or spots.
  • This breed is very active, so it needs to live in a large space to move around a lot and channel the accumulated energy.
  • They can be especially nervous and elusive.
  • As with most rabbits, bunnies generally don’t like being held either very much. In these circumstances, when they do not want to be grabbed or hugged, they can bite or scratch (even if it is to try to escape since they have fine nails), so this is an aspect to consider to avoid scratches, especially in children.

Feeding the rabbit

Don’t you know what a rabbit eats? If you are going to adopt one, you must know in advance how the rabbit is fed. After leaving their mother’s milk, these bunnies feed only on hay in their first months of life, and when they reach adulthood, they are ready to eat more things.

Oats, alfalfa, hay, and mixes or specific feed for rabbits are some of the ingredients with which you can feed them, but always in small quantities so that they do not overeat at once. Also, to develop correctly, it is convenient that you provide them with vegetables and fruits daily, such as spinach, cucumber, banana, apple, and peach. However, be careful and inform yourself well, as some vegetables and fruits are not suitable for rabbits, as is the case with bananas. Also, to reduce the risk of hairballs in the stomach, add rabbit malt to your rabbit’s diet.

You should also consider that his teeth will grow non-stop, so he will need objects that he can gnaw on. If you collect branches or pine cones on your excursions so that the rabbit can gnaw, keep in mind that beforehand it is advisable to wash them very well (never have traces of soaps or other products and that they are very well dried in the open air) to avoid health problems in the animal.

Environmental enrichment for rabbit

how to care for a rabbit outdoors

Due to the enormous activity they have, it is also relevant to provide entertainment, stimuli and the best for rabbits.

  • There are different objects that the rabbit can gnaw, such as wood shavings, without posing a danger to its health.
  • There is also a softer texture that is useful to be moved and manipulated without difficulty.
  • Structures with multiple ducts are very suitable for rabbits as they are prey animals, so they are another alternative for them to run and feel safe in a place similar to burrows.
  • Finally, bet on capable of dispensing food to stimulate the rabbit’s intelligence and smell.

Cage for rabbit

The small size of the rabbit confuses many people about the activity he needs to have. They are very energetic animals that require daily exercise, so they must live in a cage adjusted to this need.

The cage for a rabbit must be wide, with a minimum size of 100 X 50 X 70 cm and with an outdoor area enabled (fenced or not depending on your preferences) so that it can leave and enter the cage as desired. Allow him to leave the cage to the prepared outdoor area , either indoors or out, for at least two hours each day and move more freely. Of course, the more hours he is out of the cage, the better for the animal, but it must be an authorized and controlled area to avoid accidents (without cables in the middle that can gnaw or objects that can harm it). If you leave it in the cage for a long time and daily, it will have more health and behavior problems. It does no good to be caged.

Cleaning the cage of the rabbit

The hygiene of the rabbit is as important as that of its environment. Clean the cage, the feeders and drinkers and other utensils every 5 days or so. Still, you will have to pay attention to the need for hygiene because your rabbit may get dirtier and you will have to clean more than once a week or not so dirty and stretch the cleaning up to 7 days, maximum.

Rabbit bath

Another aspect to consider about how to care for a rabbit is that of the baths. They are clean animals that are in charge of being groomed daily. Therefore, you do not need to bathe him often.

If for some reason it gets dirty, using a wet wipe will be enough or, if it is not because it is very dirty, you can also bathe it but using a specific soap for rabbits or one with a neutral pH. Also, never dry it with the dryer because you could burn it very easily, dry it with towels and in the open air.

Vaccines for the rabbit

In order for the animal to be as healthy as possible for many years, it is important to comply with the vaccine schedule for the rabbit.

Therefore, take him to the veterinarian to examine him and start giving him the corresponding vaccines. The specialist will tell you which vaccines are necessary and their periodicity. In this way, myxomatosis is prevented, that is, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes and fleas.

How to Recover from Physical or Mental Exhaustion

How to Recover from Physical or Mental Exhaustion

Barack Obama has suffered one of the most striking changes in his physical appearance after his 8 years in office. Here we can see the before and after to become the president of the United States.

Having a stressful job can undermine our health. Before you see how we can recover from mental exhaustion, I invite you to see these 47 seconds of pure vitality.

It is a little girl who feels great and does an exercise in self-esteem and vitality in front of the mirror:

Physical or mental exhaustion can be the result of some stressful event or the practice of some intense or very continuous exercise. There are other medical causes that can be detected by visiting your doctor.

This exhaustion is translated into a reduction of forces that forces us to rest and our motivation to do the daily tasks is coming down. Literally, our body or mind says stop!

To be able to recover from this situation and get back to a good quality of life there are some natural resources that you can use or put into practice:

1) Drink lots of water.

It may be the case that the brain confuses dehydration with fatigue. In order to maintain proper hydration, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

If you’ve had strenuous physical activity, you may have to balance the electrolytes in your body. Sports drinks contain electrolytes that will help you maintain an adequate level of this mineral in your body.

2) Try a drink that contains amino acids.

– Consuming 500 mg to 3 grams of L-carnitine and 10 to 30 grams of creatine will help you increase your energy.

– 5 grams of l-glutamine, along with 100 to 200 mg of L-tyrosine, are useful for recovery.

L-lysine and L-arginine will help the body recover faster and increase muscle growth.

These recovery drinks can be found at most health food stores.

3) Exercise can increase your energy.

Exercise helps decrease the onset and development of disorders such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. These disorders can contribute to exhaustion. In addition, exercise increases the level of endorphins in the blood, which causes a greater sense of well-being.

4) Find out if there are any health problems.

If you have an underlying hormonal imbalance, it can lead to the feeling of fatigue. A consultation with the specialist would clear your doubts.

A blood test would also rule out possible anemia. Feeding in these cases is a priority.

5) Get enough sleep.

Your body needs time to recover from activities, illness or psychological trauma. Try to sleep at least 8 hours. Go to sleep at the same time each night to develop a pattern of sleep, do some relaxation exercise before going to sleep and avoid caffeine during the day (especially in the afternoon).


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tips to feel motivated to exercise

Top 5 tips to feel motivated to exercise after a long day at work

While I’m a huge fitness fanatic, there are certain times when I don’t want to exercise, even when I know I should.

Let’s face it, after a long day at work, sitting on the couch watching TV or going online for a while may sound much more attractive than heading to a crowded gym. Exercising in the morning, while highly beneficial, is often not a preferred option for most working women.

Fitness tips for beginners

Fitness tips for beginners

If you have decided to get in shape but you don’t know where to start. Some fitness tips for beginners will suit you.

This activity focuses on improving or maintaining physical fitness through workouts composed of repeated movements working the muscles of the entire body. The most specific objectives of fitness could be summarized as achieving a balance of body structure, improving aerobic endurance, achieving muscular strength and improving our self-esteem through physical exercise.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Get Active

How to Encourage Your Kids to Get Active

It’s natural for humans to prefer complacency because it is the path of least resistance. However, our bodies were built to move, and when we remain sedentary, it can seriously impact health, both in the short and long term.

This is true for both adults and kids. As a parent, you want the best for you children and you bear some responsibility for nurturing and maintaining their health and well-being. Active children not only tend to enjoy better overall health (and healthy body weight), but they also build confidence in their bodies and their abilities, making them happier and more capable.

That said, it’s not always easy to get kids to do what’s in their best interest. Convincing your kids to exercise can be like pulling teeth. How can you encourage your kids to get active? Here are a few strategies to employ.

Walk or Bike

We’re all busy these days, and travel by car is often more expedient than walking or biking to nearby locations, but your health and the health of your kids is more important than saving a few minutes by driving. Whenever possible, skip the car and use your own two feet to get you to the park, to pick up a few items at the grocery store, or to reach other locations in relatively close proximity to your home.

This helps your kids to get moving during everyday activities, it sets a good example, and it helps them to develop good habits. Walking and biking aren’t ideal as exercise goes, but they’re a good starting place for couch potato kids that aren’t necessarily used to strenuous activity.

Exercise Together

Before your kids become anxious teenagers that would rather do anything than hang out with their parents, you might gain some traction by turning exercise into a family activity. Head to the park with a soccer ball, a football, a baseball bat and mitts, a Frisbee, or other fun sporting equipment designed for group play. This way everyone in your family can start to develop healthier habits and have some fun in the process.

When you exercise with your kids, you send the message that physical fitness can be fun and social, and you get to enjoy some quality time as a family in the process. If winter weather in your region quashes your normal outdoor activity for part of the year, consider new sports like skiing or head to the local YMCA for swimming, basketball, or racquetball, just for example.

Discover Activities Kids Enjoy

Your kids are likely interested in different types of activities. One might take to swimming like a fish to water, so to speak. Another might prefer hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Another may find any activity that’s not a team sport too boring.

It might take some doing, but figuring out what your kids excel at and what they enjoy can take a lot of the work out of getting them to actually participate. Trial and error are the key, so don’t give up if the first, second, or third activities don’t seem to grab the interest of your kids.

Set Goals with Reward Potential

Sometimes working toward attainable goals can help to make physical fitness more fun and get kids invested in participating. You can use goals and rewards to motivate children that resist your best efforts to be active.

For example, if kids are willing to take swimming lessons, you could offer up a summer trip to a nearby beach as a reward for completing their programs. Or you could take a ski trip in the winter. You’re not necessarily going to train for a marathon, but by training with your kids, perhaps you could walk or run a 5K and plan a fun day trip afterward.

Use Modern Tools

You might not be as into technology as your kids are, but perhaps you can use fun tools and apps to help with planning activities and finding motivation. If your kids admire your fancy Fitbit, for example, but you don’t necessarily want to provide them each with a pricey model, consider offering a kids fitness tracker that lets them chart their own steps, offers fitness challenges, and sends virtual rewards.

Some even include cartoons or pets that tie into your kids’ activities. Kid models tend to be durable and water resistant and many feature cool colors and patterns so kids can personalize. It’s not always easy to encourage kids to stay active, but a commitment to sharing their activities, figuring out what they like, and finding ways to make exercise fun and social could help immeasurably.