What to see in death valley

What to see in death valley

Death valley is a place where many tourists come to explore the surroundings. It has an excellent place for sightseeing and it is very beautiful with its deserts and mountains. The best part of death valley is that there are so many things to see in Death Valley which makes everyone crazy about seeing all of them at least once in their lifetime. So here is the list of some amazing things to see in death valley.

What to see in death valley?

1. Badwater Basin

Badwater basin is one of the most important parts of death valley because it gets its name from this place it looks like a black pool, but if you get closer then you will find out that there are no black rocks and it is just a pool of salt water. It looks very similar to the surface of the sun. So this place attracts many people to see it.

2. Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point is also named as Devil’s golf course because at night time from this point, you can view different types of rocks which looks like there are golf courses. So many people come here to see this amazing thing of nature.

3. Dante’s view

Dante’s view is at a distance of 5 miles from Zabriskie point and it is one of the best things to see in death valley because you can have a very beautiful view of Death Valley from there.

4. Golden Canyon

Golden canyon is near to the edge of death valley and it is famous among people not only because it looks beautiful but there are many rocks which are gold color, so you can also see different types of golden rocks in this canyon if you look carefully. It is said that there are 8 million tones of gold in this canyon.

5. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Mesquite flat sand dunes are another important place to see in death valley because the best thing about it is these sand dunes move one inch every year so you can also watch this movement of sands which is not possible anywhere in the world.

6. Telescope Peak

Telescope Peak is the highest point of death valley and it is also named as Hidden Mountain because there are no trees here, but the view from here is very famous among tourists because you can see all around this place.

7. Eureka Dunes

Eureka dunes are one of the most popular tourist spots in Death valley because it is so beautiful and people want to visit at least once in their lifetime.

8. Devil’s Cornfield

Devil’s cornfield is also known as Sand sea because there are no plants here, but it looks like a desert. It is said that this place was covered by water many years ago which evaporated because of the lack of rain.

9. Mosaic Canyon

Mosaic Canyon is another beautiful part of death valley where you can find different types of rocks which are looking very attractive because these rocks have different colors on their surface.

10. Salt Creek Nature Trail

Salt creek nature trail is also called as an oasis in the desert because it has a small pool of water where many animals come to drink water.

11. Mustard Gorge

Mustard gorge is another important place to visit death valley because it is also called as Golden chasm, there are cliffs on both sides of this gorge which makes it look very attractive.

So these are some of the best places to see in death valley which you must visit once.


What happens during probate?

When someone dies, their assets and savings, if there are any, are distributed amongst their living relatives. In most cases, the deceased has left a Will that gives explicit instructions on who gets what and what is to go where. Solicitors and the Executor act upon these wishes to ensure that everything is in order. Unless the will is contested, this is, for the most part, a smooth transition and process. However, if the Will is left intestate, meaning the deceased person left no will, it is down to the Government to decide how the estate is divided.


Three Yorkshire Ghost Stories that will Send Shivers Down your Spine

Modern Yorkshire is a bustling and modern county – home to the famous cricket team, businesses like this Yorkshire Web Design company https://www.etempa.co.uk/web-design and of course famed over the world for being the best place to get a proper cup of tea. But it also has a lot of history, and a lot of that is visible all around the county. This also means that it is known for having a lot of supernatural goings on – here are some of Yorkshire’s most famous hauntings…


6 top travel destinations to explore in India with shoe-string budget

So much of who we are is where we have been. The travel experiences, exposure to different cultures and interaction with people enriches us and is largely responsible for how we turn out to be as a person. But travelling comes with a cost. To balance the wandering mind and your travel budget is an art or maybe a strategy. India ranks among the best countries which offer cheap travel .There are many explored as well as offbeat travel destinations in India which are easy on the pockets. Trip advisor offers quite a few reviews of these places, and even small restaurants, hotels, home-stays, places of interest which travellers are obliged to write. Thanks to the hospitality of these places and in some cases the desire to earn JP Miles. These reviews give the prospective travellers an unbiased perspective and a galore of options. Here’s our pick for budget travel destinations in India.

  1. Goa

Go Goa the ultimate party paradise. Eat on the shacks, roam on bikes, and stay in home-stays, chill on the beach and drink to your heart’s content. All of this at rock-bottom prices! Despite being one of the most popular travel destinations in India, Goa has numerous budget options… accessibility if not a problem with a number of trains and flights operating in this sector. If party is on your mind and budget is a constraint, Goa is your best bet.

  • Dharamsala

A nature lover’s dream, Dharamsala is synonymous to serenity and tranquillity. This Himachali town is abundantly blessed with picturesque locations and an awesome weather. You also have some good options for adventure sports and paragliding. Surprisingly, Dharamsala offers budget stay options. If experience of the destination matters more than luxury, you have rooms cost starting less than Rs.500 per day.

  • Hampi

If you love architectures and history, go to Hampi in Karnataka. Palaces, royal buildings, temples – you name it and you have it here. Stay in affordable cottages, ride a bicycle, try out the local cuisine and find yourself while getting lost in this beautiful city – a great destination to explore on a shoe-string budget.

  • Gokarna

Situated along the coastline in Karnataka, Gokarna is a peaceful beach town. It is famous for its temples and people who want some food for their soul come here in search of some solitude. You find many guest houses and homestays which are available at extremely low prices. Tourists spend weeks in this town immersing themselves in spiritual realm.

  • Spiti

Spiti is also known as Little Tibet. It is a slightly unexplored valley in the Himalayan ranges. It is famous for its scenic appeal and pristine locations. Take a backpack and trek around or opt for a safari. Guest houses and home-stays in villages offer low-cost accommodation options.

  • Varanasi

Experiencing inner peace is priceless. Varanasi is one of the holy cities in India. Your soul is washed off pure and ambience here is divine. Cheap food options are in abundance as well as accommodation options. Visit Varanasi for its colourful culture. Walk around the Ghats and dip yourself in the depths of spirituality.

Other budget destination options are Pondicherry, Darjeeling, Amritsar, Jaisalmer and many more. Budget is no longer a constraint if you are willing to explore. World is your oyster. Pack light, Feel bright and liberate yourself!

Healthy Indulgences at Sea Cruises

Healthy Indulgences at Sea: Cruises and Spa Vacations

You really want to take a cruise but you also really want to go to a spa for physical fitness and maybe a little pampering. In the world today you can do both. Years ago you were lucky to find a spa on a cruise ship. If there was one, it was in a really remote area of the ship. As for physical fitness, there was very little equipment and most of it was tired. When people started to become more conscious of their looks and health the cruise lines revised their way of thinking. Cruise travel now can double as a spa vacation as well as learning a new physical fitness program.

The newer cruise ships have gone to great lengths to accommodate the cruise passenger who also wants to beautify and tone up. The cruise lines have installed state of the art equipment, added numerous exercise classes, and offer the newest beauty treatments available. Many of the cruise lines have relocated their fitness centers to the top decks of the ships with lots of windows so you can have a view while you are on the treadmill, bike, or lifting weights. Tucked up into the corner is a big TV so you can watch the news from back home. The cruise ships now have three distinct areas, one for fitness, one for spa treatments and one for the beauty salon.

As mentioned, the fitness centers on cruise ships are now a thing to behold. They all will definitely have treadmills, Stairmasters, free weights rowing machines and bikes. Some cruise lines even have complete Nautilus machines. Popular exercise machines, especially on sea days, may require you to sign up for a particular time of day and will limit the amount of time you can use the machine.

If you want to use your cruise travel as a vehicle to start an exercise regime there are physical trainers onboard. Their services, however, will cost you extra. The trainer will ask you lots of questions about your health and diet and then will come up with a personal regime for you. He or she will then book times through the week for you to work together.

All cruise lines offer exercise classes, yoga, aerobics, dance, water aerobics, even Pilates and kickboxing. Some of these may require a slight fee. To find out when these classes are held consult your daily bulletin for times and fees, if any.

Now, you’re thinking why would I start a physical fitness regime while on a cruise ship, especially since they serve all that food, 24 hours a day? Well along with the newer, shinier and better facilities the cruise lines have also instituted what they call spa cuisine. Everyday they will offer a “lighter side” menu if you are really serious about you new physical fitness regime.

Don’t assume that if the ship is older, it won’t have a decent fitness and spa area. Check with your cruise travel agent to find out what facilities are onboard the cruise ship you have chosen. For instance, the QE2 is an older ship but it has a beautifully outfitted spa with a large staff. Celebrity’s slight older Century has a Thalassotherapy pool for their passenger’s enjoyment and it has become quite popular among their cruisers.

When you board your cruise ship go to the spa area. Usually on the first day the staff will be explaining their treatments and occasionally demonstrate how it is done. Sometimes they will raffle off treatments, so go to the demonstration just for that reason. If you have definitely decided that you will be doing some treatments, book them on day one to get the best times. Any beauty salon appointments should be made then too, hair appointments for formal night go very quickly.

Many times the spa and beauty staff will discount their services on days when the ship is in port. If you are going to a few cruise destinations that you have previously visited, take advantage of these offers. You will find that you can pick your time of day to get these treatments done with little or no competition. If you are an early riser, choose an appointment in the morning and then get off the ship to enjoy that port. Or, conversely, disembark early to explore your new port, and then return to the ship in the early afternoon to take advantage of a discounted treatment.

When you go to your spa appointment, do not wear jewelry or fancy clothes. Most treatments are a bit messy and you don’t want to ruin any of your belongings. It is best just to wear a robe. When you get there an attendant will give you a towel and a private locker to put away your things. You may then be asked to wait in a room. Your technician will come out to take you to the room designated for that particular application. You will also fill out a form on your health and any surgeries that you have had. The room you are in will most likely have a shower. It will definitely have a sound system to play soothing music and there will be an array of exotic oils and creams.

The cruise ship spas have gotten quite creative. They now offer couples massages where you and your partner are in the same room with different massage therapists. Then there are four hand massages where two people work on you at the same time. Some of the cruise lines offer in suite massages and some even have massages on the deck.

By far the highest percentage of staff are women but there a few men. If you have a preference between male or female spa technicians, state it when you make your appointment. Some people are uncomfortable lying naked on a table with a therapist of the opposite sex. Check the cruise ships policy on tipping. Some cruise lines automatically tack on a 15% charge to your bill while on others you may have to pay in cash. To save embarrassment, check at the time you make your appointments.

There are three lines that allow you to make your spa appoints before boarding the ship. Princess, Windstar and Celebrity all offer this option. In some cases they even have packages that you can book in advance. Be careful here though, they may give you some very early morning appointments which means you have to go and change them on the very first day. This is not the best policy since they should be giving you prime appointments for booking ahead.

Beauty salons will offer a full array of services. You can have your nails done, your hair colored or hand and foot treatments aside from just a trim. Most of the beauty salons have Europeans staffs. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Places like Austria require their beauty students to go to the equivalent of our college.

See, it is possible to turn your cruise into a spa vacation or physical fitness week. Just follow what your trainer or your beauty technicians tell you and eat the spa cuisine. You’ve just achieved three goals, a little bit of pampering, a fitness regime, and a light and healthy diet. This may be a new way for you to view cruise travel.