6 Steps for Transforming Your Garage

Steps for Transforming Your Garage

Garages can be very useful for more than just cars. Many people turn their garage into an extra living space, a workshop, a storage area, or even a game room. Regardless of your end goal, there are a few steps to take before diving in too deep.

1. Upgrade Your Flooring

Many garage floors have been neglected and are sitting with cracks or holes – and they look rough. One of the first moves to consider is looking into garage flooring near me for a garage floor makeover.

There are many options for garage floors, but garage epoxy in Kansas City provides many benefits. It’s cost-effective yet durable, easy to clean, and very aesthetically pleasing. These benefits have made it a popular option among homeowners.

2. Add Insulation

No matter what you might be planning to use your garage for, keeping it insulated is crucial for keeping it at a comfortable temperature. Some garages have no insulation, so you’ll be starting from scratch. Some have old, worn insulation that will need to be replaced. Some fortunate homeowners find that their insulation is still in good shape. However, unless you’ve recently replaced the insulation, it’s important to take a moment to check its status.

3. Add In Storage

Every area of a home needs storage, and the garage is no exception. However, there are many options available for creating storage. These include but are not limited to ceiling storage, garage cabinets, shelves, pegboards, overhead storage, locker-style storage, bins, bike racks, and much more.

Take some time to consider what you will be using the garage for and what you’ll need to store for that purpose. Determine where these things will be stored and measure the space. Browse storage options to find a few ideas for how you want your garage to look. Once you know what you’re storing, how much space is available, and the look you want to achieve, you can dive into the overwhelming world of storage with a clear vision in mind.

4. Update Your Doors

Old garage doors can be drafty. Those with a lot of wear might leak or be difficult to open. If any of this is true with your door, you’ll want to consider replacing or repairing it.

If it’s still in pretty good shape, consider painting it so that it won’t stick out too much against your newly remodeled garage. You should also consider options like a doorbell and a security system, especially if it will be used as a living space.

5. Freshen Up the Paint

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for any space. Before you make use of your garage again, consider painting the walls and ceiling. You can keep it white or a neutral tone if you prefer. However, you should consider how the space will be used.

For example, if it’s going to be a workshop, colors like orange can stimulate the brain and creativity. If it’s going to be a relaxing area, colors like blue and purple can set the tone.

6. Consider Adding Some Amenities

Depending on how your garage will be used, you might want to add a few things. If, for example, it will be a workshop of any sort, you might consider adding a sink. Or if it will be your kids’ hangout or game space, a half-bath might be beneficial.

These steps are just the beginning of your journey. Completing them gives you an updated blank canvas to transform your garage into your dream space.

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