Important things to organise in a new home

Moving home is a big deal. With so much to organise and pack, it can also be a pretty stressful time. The few first weeks in a new place are also a time of upheaval as you find your feet and ease into a new environment. There are still plenty of things to organise though and to make this easier, here is a list of some important things to do in your new home:

Sorting out your entertainment system – Setting up your space for relaxing after a hard day’s work is going to be one of your top priorities. Depending on how interested you are in such things, you might have a TV, speakers, a router, games consoles etc. The best thing to do to ensure your viewing pleasure is to contact an aerial specialist. Find out more about TV aerial installation Bristol at a site such as


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Waste – After moving, you likely have a tonne of waste to dispose of. Simple, everyday recyclables, including cardboard boxes can be placed out for the regular roadside collections. Find out what day your waste is collected by contacting your local council. For bigger items, such as old furniture and appliances etc, you will be better off hiring a skip.

Internet connection – These days, most homes cannot function without a good internet speed. Some people choose to have the internet installed before they move in so they are already good to go. This is especially important for people working from home, for example. Check out the best speeds and providers in the area so you are ready to move into a house firmly in the 21st century!

Security – Crimes against property are on the increase and every sensible homeowner knows that there are a number of ways to increase the security of a property. Some people consider changing the locks on a new property, in case former occupants still have a set of keys. A locksmith can advise you on industrial strength locks to prevent any chance of potential burglars getting in.

CCTV is another popular choice as it acts as a great deterrent. Even if you are still unfortunate enough to be targeted, the footage is extremely helpful to the police and can be used as evidence in court.

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Local plumbing services – When moving into a new home, you hope everything will go smoothly but if you find yourself with a leak or blockage, then you’ll want an emergency plumber’s contact details close at hand. To be on the safe side, you might decide to have a plumber give the system a once over before you move in. This way you won’t need to deal with any plumbing disasters when you’re trying to settle in.

Emergency numbers – When you move to a new area, making a note of useful local contact numbers is a great idea as it can save time in an emergency. This could include tradespeople, doctors and non-emergency police numbers, for example.

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