Buying Wardrobe Essentials: What Are the Must-Haves?

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are must-haves when it comes to your wardrobe. These include the fun stuff such as the I became a teacher for the money and fame shirt and items that won’t go out of style season after season. In general, you don’t need that many flashy colors. Most of your garments should be neutral colors, but it doesn’t hurt to fit a few greens, reds, and blues once in a while. Some of the must-haves in your wardrobe include:

Button Down Shirts

You could wear a button down shirt in almost any setting. It’s perfectly acceptable for work but looks great when you go out too. Button shirts come in so many styles and patterns it’s impossible to keep track of them all. Plus, they go great with denim and, if you’re a lady, fit in just great with a pair of heels.

An Elegant Dress

Dresses are a touchy subject, even for girls. It can be quite an experience to find the perfect one. If you do, choose something that works day, night, during work, or on the weekend. Versatility is key. Among the best designs are ones that have mid-length laces, which go with a roll neck knit by day and high heels at night.

Cropped Jeans

Jeans always have a different fit, even when you’re going for the same style. Cropped slim leg jeans don’t go out of style, according to the experts, so are a safe investment. A classic blue wash is great because you can literally mix and match these denim jeans with anything.


Classically a fail-safe choice, blazers come in a few styles that can match the season and the trends of the day. A Belted blazer is fine for any season. Classic looks include black or navy long blazers. Match it with boots and jeans and you have an unforgettable look.

Classic Street Trainers

A nice, simple shoe can take you just about anywhere. Street fashions with laces will match up with trousers and dresses, so are must-haves if you’re building a classic wardrobe. These also are the way to go when you’re looking for comfort and practicality.

Navy Trousers

Here’s another versatile wardrobe item that you’d be missing out if you didn’t have. If you want to be unassuming yet stylish, you can blend these with many types of garments. Plus, if you have a little extra to spend, the investment is well worth it.

When looking for wardrobe essentials, don’t hesitate to mesh in what is unique to you. The must-haves can be mixed and matched, so there is flexibility to be creative. Just remember that comfort and individuality are always in style.


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