How to Organize a Flawless Gender Reveal Party

The birth of a child is always a unique and joyous experience so it really means a lot if your friend trusts you with such an important task as organizing their gender reveal party. It surely takes a lot of responsibility to be the only one that knows the baby’s gender and to plan a fun and exciting event to share the news with the parents and their closest friends. If it is your first time being involved in such an activity and you don’t really have a grasp of what you need to do, we’re here to help!

Discuss the details with the parents

Although the parents should be minimally involved in the planning process, it is crucial to discuss with them what their expectations and preferences are. In order to make sure that you are on the same boat, sit down and discuss every aspect of the event. Do they prefer a small and intimate gathering with the closest friends and family members or are they more excited for a big and noisy party? Do they want a venue or are they okay with organizing the party in their own backyard? Or maybe they have a specific gender reveal theme that they would like you to stick to? Otherwise, you can find yourself in the awkward situation of inviting someone who the parents wish wasn’t there or having some logistical problems such as not having enough food.

Make it practical and creative

Classic gender reveal ideas such as colorful smoke bombs or balloons are okay, but you can definitely do better than that. Plus, such ideas are not only basic, but they can also be dangerous, as every year we see in the news how gender reveal parties go wrong because of malfunctioning explosive devices or how these events can even cause forest fires. A fun and practical gender reveal tip we love recommending is to build a wardrobe for the baby filled with blue or pink clothes, accessories, as well as a few devices that the parents will need once the newborn arrives into this world. You can check out for baby clothes made of high-quality, soft materials that are perfect for the delicate baby skin. This way, the parents will not only be excited to find out the gender of their child, but will also have plenty of the much-needed essentials that they had to buy either way.

Select the menu

The food and beverages menu is an essential part of any party and a gender reveal is not an exception. The food and refreshments can depend on the theme of the event, for example bee cake pops and cheese charcuterie boards for the “What Will It Bee?” party or grilled meat and DIY burger stands if the parents decided on the “It’s a Baby-Q” theme. However, be very attentive to the dietary preferences of the parents and the guests, especially their allergies, as you wouldn’t want the party to end up in the emergency room of your local hospital. Make sure to have vegetarian and vegan options as well, which is so easy to do during summer thanks to all the delicious fruits and berries that we have right now.

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