Minimalist clothing style

Minimalist clothing style

Minimalism is a trend that can be applied to different areas, such as decoration (perhaps where it is best known), but also in fashion. We could say that it is a lifestyle. But when we bring it to fashion there are many doubts about how to use it, what are the principles, what should I have in my wardrobe and how to create those outfits…

Are you interested in knowing more about this style of dress? What a question, for something you have come here, right? Well, if so, then we tell you everything you need to know.

What is the minimalist clothing style?

Surely when we think of a complete wardrobe, one comes to mind that has a thousand garments from which we can choose without any inconvenience and that we do not lack for anything. These overflowing closets reflect different personalities, ways of dressing, there are many colors, clothing styles, elegant, casual, sport and others.

Since you have this in mind, now imagine something completely different. A closet that has very few clothes, all basic, that are functional and that you absolutely do not need more to dress every day and look good. Minimalism is based on the “less is more”.

Some of the principles of the garments of this style of dress are:

Timeless: Garments purchased in this style will be able to be worn for a long time. These are typical that do not go out of style and do not belong to a small moment of fame.

Versatility: If you buy a garment being minimalist, you must make sure that you can wear it on different occasions and not on just one.

Limited: You do not need 25 shirts and 15 pants. The number of garments in your wardrobe should be reduced considerably.

Why should you have a minimalist clothing style?

Being minimalist when dressing is an option that could bring some benefits. Although you will not be the “coolest” when you go to a place, you will be able to save, avoid consumerism and take care of the planet a little more. You will also be able to save time since you will not have to rack your brain thinking about what you will wear for a certain occasion and this time you will be able to use it in other activities during the day.

Another important saving will be money. If you already have in your wardrobe the pieces you need and with which you can dress every day, you won’t have to buy anything else. You don’t need to change clothes for the next collection, you don’t have to buy the new sneakers that some brand has released and you won’t have to spend another euro.

Spoiler alert: if you decide to go for a minimalist style, you have a place on our blog and in our hearts. We have many tips and inspiration with basic looks that you will surely like.

How do you create a minimalist style?How do you create a minimalist clothing style

Now yes, since you know the principles of this style, we will tell you how to create it. When you have a minimalist style, you must form a capsule wardrobe. This type of wardrobe should be made up of clothes that are basic and that work well with the rest of the clothes in your closet.

What you need in your closet are:


You will need at least 2 pairs of long pants. One should be a light color like beige and the other dark like black or navy blue.


You can use these on a day-to-day basis, so as not to always go with the same ones. A couple will suffice. But pick ones that are basic enough, no ripped pants, patches, and washouts.


These types of pants are essential for summer as well as comfortable. You can have a couple of them to go out and later if you need to be at home or play sports.

Dress pants

Dress pants cannot be missing because you will use them on the most elegant occasions. Choose a black one that you can wear with everything.


You should have at least 3 dress shirts in your closet, two of them should be plain with no prints or patterns. The colors can be white, black or blue and the third can be stripped if you wish.


As for the shirts, 3 will also be more than enough. These should also be plain, without prints, and with a round neck. It can be a black one, a white one and another one of the colors you want.


For the most casual or elegant occasions, you will need a good jacket. The color should be neutral, such as black, navy blue, or gray. The color you choose will depend on the color of dress pants you already have, so you can put together a complete suit.


Three pairs of shoes will suffice. Only casual ones like new balance, other sporty ones, and elegant ones will be needed for the suit, for the last ones choose some Oxfords.

Can accessories be used in the minimalist style?

Of course, it is possible. This will depend on the style of each person, but power, is possible, although it will always take what is fair and necessary. It can be a watch ( cheap men’s watches ), this does not have to be very expensive, something delicate, fine lines and black will do.

This will also apply for a ring if you wish, or the wedding ring. Also with the bracelets, glasses, and belt. In the case of the belt, two will be chosen, a formal one for the suit and a woven one to wear with jeans. You can also have hats and caps for the sun or when winter comes.

Examples of minimalist look for the day today

The ideal is that with few clothes you can create varied and interesting looks. Some inspirations can be:

Minimalist casual look

This look has very little, but it looks pretty good. First, it’s a plain, white, crew-neck t-shirt that’s paired with casual-style dress pants and casual tan shoes. In addition, sunglasses are incorporated, without any other accessories. If we see this look, we can change the shirt or pants and create a different look.

Minimalist look with black t-shirt and accessories

In this case, we have another look with a t-shirt, a bit similar to the previous one. The T-shirt is black, with a round neck, it has been placed inside the pants that are Chinese gray that can be combined later with a black, gray or blue blazer and black and white sneakers (learn here: how to combine a black blazer ). As for accessories, he has black glasses and a simple watch.

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