Five Blogs All College Students Should Read For Success

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College students usually spend a huge amount of time studying and reading. The books range from textbooks to whitepapers, Wikipedia, and online articles. Some get lost in the world of the written word that they forget to read the things they enjoy or offer useful information needed for education.

In this article from best high roller casino, there is a list of a few blogs every college student should read for inspiration and life lessons.


Life is already hard enough, you’ll need some tips and tricks to get past its difficulties with ease. This is what Lifehacker does. Aside from that it also teaches essential skills needed for survival. Lifehacker has the ultimate list of the best ways to do things. It usually ranges from everyday objects to psychological hacks and sociological theories. Lifehacker can also relieve you of boredom by sparking your curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Study Hacks By Cal Newport

Who wouldn’t want to pick up on the fastest and most efficient way to study? A computer science professor, Cal Newport, who is currently teaching at Georgetown University knows what it takes to master the art of studying and ensuring success in college. He has written several books talking about being an outstanding student that tackles hard work and distractions.

Intern Queen By Lauren Berger

A quintessential experience in college, internships are a key component to landing that dream job following graduation. However, finding the right internship with the right company and the right time can be a bit of a headache. Also, how do you beat out all of the other candidates and get the most out of your free labour? Lauren Berger is the Intern Queen for a reason and she proves it in her blog. Posts ranging from 6 Ways Students Burned Bridges with Hiring Managers to 10 Things to Survive Studying Abroad, Berger tackles students’ fears heads-on and offers champion secrets like winning at aus online pokies.

Student Hacks

There are a lot of things to navigate while in college and Student Hacks gets that. Whether it be helping students with essays or planning the perfect dorm prank, Student Hacks dives in and shows you how to make quite the splash during your college years. Most of the articles are written by fellow students, even some who attend Northeastern University, and they exist to make your experience better.

Campus Grotto

Campus Grotto is considered the hub for all things college. Student-authored articles offer guidance to the admissions process as well as choosing the best bike, finding your major and staying up to date on finances in the college world. This blog is a must for those random questions you never thought to ask or simply couldn’t find the answer to, as well as a general advice think tank for simply surviving college.

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