Effective process to dye the hair root

Effective process to dye the hair root

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The terror of the elderly or simply of people who frequently dye their hair to touch up their current color. But with the fear that they may get another color that they already have, they are concerned.

Sometimes you get a color that you don’t want by using poor quality products or just didn’t use the right tints for a great result. To prevent you from obtaining results that are not going to favor you, today I bring you a list of tricks that you must put into practice.

To make you look beautiful, shiny, and proud of what it looks like. Although it would be advisable to go to the hairdresser to change our hair color, few people choose to dye their hair alone.

But for fear that the desired results will not be obtained, we avoid doing it alone, with these tricks that I will detail you, it will be a piece of cake when coloring the root of your hair. In order to avoid a bad time and trauma with your hair.

Trust your ability, put aside the fear that you are going to make a mistake, buy quality products, and get to work. Say hello to your new look change.

A change that will make you look spectacular when coloring your hair

Color and product selectionEffective process to dye the hair root

As a woman, we let ourselves be carried away by the variety of products that we find regarding beauty and it is easy to be amazed by the variety of shades that exist to dye hair.

For the selection of the new dye color, you must select two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Also if it is the first time you do this, it is recommended that you use temporary or semi-permanent dyes,

Well if you do crazy it will not cost much to remove the hair color, the dyes normally hold up to 12 washes of the hair to lose the color.

Comb your hairEffective process to dye the hair root

You took your best selection for the new color tone that you are going to wear from now on, we continue with the next step after having prepared the dye, you must make sure that you do not have knots.

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This will help you facilitate the application of the dye as well as your root will be painted evenly. Because you don’t want to have some parts painted and others not.

Divide your hair into 4 sessions

After you have combed your hair you must separate it into 4 sections, holding it with a tweezer, with this trick it will be easier for you to master the hair and have control of what you have already dyed.

Apply the dyeEffective process to dye the hair root

By having the hair separated into sessions, it is time to select small strands to start coloring the hair root. This will help the final result to be more uniform so that you can apply it you must use a brush that helps distribute the dye.

With your fingers, massage the hair so that the dye has more effect. If you don’t, the dye won’t grip the hair. Get the product to grip the hair and not just paint the top layer of your hair.

Use the necessary time

In order for the dye to have the correct effect on the root of your hair, you must follow the instructions as they are and one of them is the time you must be with the dye. Avoid wiping hair prematurely and don’t leave it too long.

After you comply with the corresponding time for the hair to be perfect, you must rinse your hair and wash it with your shampoo. To avoid dryness, use a conditioner for a limited time to hydrate your hair.


With these tricks it will be easy to dye the root of your hair, in the end, it is not difficult at all, it is a matter of some practice and, you will achieve what you want. However, if it is your first time, it will be very good for you.

You just have to organize yourself, select a quality product, and follow the instructions that it gives you, to apply it because otherwise, you can cause a huge mistake in your hair. In the end, apply a treatment to hydrate your hair, you will avoid it looking dry.

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