Best alternatives to hairspray

alternatives to hairspray

Hair spray is a product that has been used for many years now. Born in 1948, but spread in the 60s, lacquer has always been used to give a perfect fold to the rounded and teased hairstyles of the fashion of those years. Initially adopted in hairdressing salons, a few years later, the lacquer was marketed in all the shops and bought not only by the ladies but also by the men who wanted to keep the famous Elvis-style tuft on their feet.

Today hairspray, even if it is still widely used, is not very popular, because it turns out to be too strong and tremendously harmful to the hair: these are just some of the reasons why numerous equally effective, but decidedly less harmful alternatives have developed over the years. for the health. Through the following steps, in this regard, we will give you 5 valid alternatives to hairspray with other healthier and natural products.

Best Alternatives to hairspray

alternatives to hairspray

You will need:

  • Gel, foam, wax, cream.
  • Homemade lacquer: 1 lemon, 150 ml of distilled water, 5 g of sugar, orange essential oil to taste

Let’s start by specifying that no product will ever give the same results as lacquer. Unfortunately, using it every day can damage and cause hair to fall out, as it dehydrates them, creates itching and contains ingredients that, in the long run, if they are breathed in at the time of use, can cause damage to health due to their toxicity. The alternatives that we propose certainly cannot be said to be 100% natural, but they can be very valid options for not using hairspray every day.

As a first solution, it is advisable to use the gel which, as the name implies, is a gelatinous material, really excellent for fixing the hair, especially for those hairstyles that require a “wet” effect. Another good choice is given by mousse or hair mousse: it is a very light conditioning solution compared to hairspray or gel. It is applied on dry or wet hair and is undoubtedly the ideal solution for those with long and curly hair, as it gives volume and does not weigh down the hair. The third solution is represented by the modeling cream, which is a practical solution for those with short hair or for those who want sculpted hairstyles. The fourth solution is the wax: this is able to protect the hair from.

The fifth and last alternative proposed is given by homemade lacquer: this can be the ideal option for those who want a good, effective and natural product. To prepare it you simply have to squeeze a lemon, putting the peel aside, and in a saucepan combine the distilled water, sugar and citrus juice. Put the saucepan on the stove and mix well until the sugar has completely dissolved and as a last touch add a few drops of bitter orange essential oil. Boil the mixture over low heat for about 1 minute, pour it into a bowl, add the lemon peels and let it rest in the refrigerator until the mixture has cooled completely. Put your hairspray on.

Never abuse these alternative hair products.


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