Plain or patterned? How to choose the best hat for your style

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During the winter season, colors and patterns are less popular than in the hot summer months. While people usually go for neutrals, nudes and toned down shades, there’s o general rule that you have to stick to. But the way in which you choose your colors and patterns is important for mixing and matching your wardrobe. In this article we’re gonna talk about how to choose your winter hat, what are the best patterns based on your style and what colors you wanna go for if you choose a plain hat. Read along and get ready to rock your hat in the most stylish way!



Herringbone, with its classic V-shaped weaving, stands as a timeless pattern that shows off sophistication and refinement. Perfect for those who appreciate traditional elegance, a herringbone winter hat can easily work with many outfits, from casual to formal. If you’re looking for such hats, check some out here: Their structured design adds a touch of vintage charm to these pieces, making them a versatile choice for anyone who values a timeless aesthetic.


Plaid, on the other hand, is a dynamic pattern that has its own spectrum of traditional to modern interpretations. This design, characterized by intersecting lines and blocks of color, makes for a playful and eye-catching option for winter hats. Whether you go for a more rustic, heritage-inspired plaid or a contemporary, bold one, a plaid hat will become a statement piece, adding some personality and style into your winter look.


If you’re someone who likes embracing a contemporary aesthetic, there are plenty of popular modern patterns that you can find. Think abstract designs, geometric shapes, and unconventional motifs that challenge traditional norms. A modern-patterned winter hat is a true bold fashion statement that will show your love for fashion and your exploring personality.



Neutrals are the true heroes of winter fashion, you see neutrals worn by everyone and accessorized everywhere. Black, gray, beige, and white are classic choices that not only show elegance but also give you a versatile canvas for accessorizing. A neutral-colored winter hat can be a staple piece, effortlessly working with a range of styles, making it a practical and stylish addition to your collection.


While neutrals offer a timeless elegance, introducing colors to your winter hat is a way of keeping things fun while staying away from patterns. Jewel tones like burgundy, deep green, or navy can add that fun vibrancy into your winter look without being too flashy. These richer colors make for the perfect contrast to the neutral tones often associated with winter fashion.

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