11 reasons to exercise at night

exercise at night

If you want to know if it is good to do sports at night, we tell you all the advantages for your mind and for your body that implies choosing this type of physical activity, which you can adapt to your professional and vital rhythm. Have you thought about the benefits of exercise at night?

Due to the dizzying pace of current life, your work projects or the reconciliation between your personal and family life, it is possible that your ideal schedule for sports is the night, a strip of the day that has many detractors but that can provide infinite advantages to your body, especially if you follow a regular weekly routine.

Many people prefer to play sports in the morning because it is a strip in which they feel more likely to follow the prescribed exercises with perseverance. Others have insomnia, prefer to be early risers or their day to day is moving more towards the daytime side. However, if you overflow with energy at night, your circadian rhythm tends not to get up early or due to your worries and responsibilities is your ideal time of day, we review the advantages of doing nighttime exercise.

11 reasons to exercise at night

You don’t have to fight the crowdsexercise at night

When it comes to athletes, there are more regulars of morning sports than night owls. Especially if you go to the gym, you may have more space at closing time to make your favorite circuit, use your favorite machines or relax in the spa or sauna before returning to your rooms Do you want to use cardio machines for more than 30 minutes or maybe try some of the personal training equipment? At night you can practice sports at your leisure and in a more free and flexible way than when everything is up to the limit.

License for more doses of funexercise at night

Put hip-hop at full volume, dress in a quirky way, sign up for salsa classes, twerking, acro yoga or popular night races. Remember that you will be more tempted to party on a Friday night than a Monday morning, and use that energy in your benefit to play sports.

You have more energyexercise at night

If you follow a correct diet during the day, this is the best time to give your muscles the accumulated energy. As several studies point out, when you train in the morning your glycogen stores are emptier because you have not eaten in the last hours. Although this practice encourages fat burning, it promotes muscle catabolism or muscle destruction because the body uses muscle protein to feed, favoring fatigue.

You will sleep betterexercise at night

It is recommended that 60 minutes pass between the end of the exercise and bedtime so that your body relaxes and the secreted adrenaline progressively vanishes. If the training has been very intense, allow at least 2 hours to pass. Tiredness and circadian rhythm will give you a restful rest.

Better concentration

At the last minute, there is less environmental noise and therefore, less possibility of distractions and sensory alterations, which will favor your concentration and your motivation to put your muscles to work. It is one of the best reasons to exercise at night.

Fewer injuries

When you practice sports early in the day, your muscles have not yet become warm after the resting phase. However, this does not happen at night, when your body is more willing and flexible, reducing the possibility of suffering muscle injuries that occur colder.

Increase in muscle mass

At the end of the day, your glycogen stores are full, so the muscles better assimilate the load. Experts point out that the body better assimilates aerobic exercise such as running, swimming or cycling at noon and anaerobic exercise during the evening.

You can experience the freedom of night races

Night owls can enjoy outdoor exercise to the fullest. Have you ever run in the dark on a warm summer night? With the arrival of high temperatures, the ideal time to practice sports comes with the fall of the sun.

Social life associated with the sportexercise at night

Those who exercise in the morning are not a talkative group, understandably. They rush to fit in a sweat session before class or in an early meeting. However, people who exercise at night often make the gym their only evening plan, so they have more time to be sociable or make new friendships that extend beyond the CrossFit class or the yoga session.

You can clear the frustrations of a difficult day

You may have a dictatorial boss, a friend with whom you have argued or suffered a problem in the office, a traffic jam on the road or a fight with your partner. Exercising at night can help you deal with all the anger accumulated during the day in a positive way, so you can go to bed in peace and with gratitude.

You will fight stress

At the last minute, you will have the opportunity to relieve anxiety, forget your problems and release endorphins, fighting the onset of stress before bedtime and giving your burdens a breath by putting your mind blank thanks to the practice of exercise physical.

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