Get your kids ready for their first hike

kids ready for their first hike

Whether you’re a hike enthusiast and you want to involve your kids in this activity or it’s just something you want to do for the first time, this article is what you need. Getting your kids prepared for a hike is not an easy job as there are many things to consider. But with the many aspects that come with it, comes the joy of getting your kids out in nature, exploring their surroundings and hopefully developing the love for hikes from a young age. In this article, we’re talking about a couple of things that you need to know before you take your kids on a hike. Read along and get packing for a fun family day in nature.

Choosing the trail

The first thing and probably the most important one is choosing the right trail for your hike. Depending on your kids’ age, you should choose something that works with their attention span and energy levels. It’s better to choose something easy and very short for the first hike. This way you can see how your kids will react to it and you don’t have to turn around in the middle of the hike. Making sure you get to the end of the trail is very important as it will give your kids that satisfaction of completing the hike. Also, consider the car ride to the hiking location. If that one is too long, it might be tiring enough for the kids.


When it comes to what your kids will wear, we know you want to be overprotective, but you don’t have to. Making sure that your kids are comfortable during the hike will ensure that they will like it more. Try working with layers so they don’t overheat. Start with a T-shirt or onesie, layer a wool sweater on top and pack a rain jacket just in case. Make sure you choose breathable materials and most importantly, good shoes. If you want to invest in proper hiking shoes, that’s the best option, but even some comfy sneakers will do the job. Ask your kids if they are too warm or too cold and make sure they feel comfortable throughout the hike. Don’t forget about hats, sunscreen and sunglasses if the sun is out.

What to pack

Wherever you go with kids, you need to pack a very well chosen selection of snacks and toys. For a hike, it’s important to have enough food, so what you can do is check out the trail and try to plan out your breaks, according to your kids’ usual energy levels. Whenever you take a break, give them a snack, something to boost their energy, and try to have a game thought out. Word games work best, this way you can also teach them about the surroundings and try to keep them curious. Also, make sure you pack an emergency kit, rain gear and enough water.

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