Plastic Surgery Trends – Discover the Latest Innovations and Techniques

Plastic Surgery Trends

Trends are a significant influence in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. They change how patients look and what they seek out.

Cosmetic procedures saw a spike during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the resumption of vacations and more time spent working from home has continued to fuel demand for specific functions. Learn more about the latest trends in plastic surgery.

Body Contouring

There’s a clear shift towards a more holistic and natural-looking result in body contouring plastic surgery trends. This reflects a broader trend in society towards authenticity and self-acceptance. While breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty remain the top two surgical procedures, people are increasingly interested in non-invasive treatments that can enhance their natural beauty.

Liposuction has also seen some remarkable developments in recent years. New ultrasound and laser-assisted liposuction techniques can reduce recovery time and improve results.

Other innovative plastic surgery technologies include 3D imaging, which allows patients to see their potential results before they go under the knife, and virtual consultations with surgeons like Dr. Joel Aronowitz. This increases patient trust and leads to safer and more accurate procedures. It also helps patients make informed decisions about their treatments. This is especially true regarding injectables, which can help achieve a more symmetrical face or plump lips. However, they can often be more permanent than surgical solutions.

Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery by quality experts like Joel Aronowitz MD, constantly evolves, bringing new advancements in surgical techniques and tools. These advances offer faster recovery times and improved patient outcomes.

In addition, they make it possible for surgeons to perform multiple procedures during a single surgery. For example, a patient might receive a facelift and breast augmentation under a single anesthetic in one session.

Other improvements include the return of silicone implants for breast augmentation. They have been proven safe through years of rigorous testing. Another recent innovation is using pain pumps that allow patients to experience less discomfort during and after surgery. Non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers continue to grow in popularity. These simple injections can plump lips, smooth forehead wrinkles, and even fill shallow creases. They can also provide more dramatic results than a facelift without the cost or downtime of surgery.


The nose is an essential feature of the face. Rhinoplasty can shape it to improve facial proportions and enhance overall appearance. Rhinoplasty can also help with breathing problems caused by structural deformities. In the past, men were reluctant to seek plastic surgery, but this trend is changing. In 2023, more and more men will undergo cosmetic procedures to reshape their noses, reduce bumps, and alter the shape of the nasal tip.

Many patients come to the surgeon with specific expectations for their results. To ensure these expectations are realistic, it’s essential to use computer simulation to show them what their nose will look like after surgery. This visual element removes a lot of uncertainty from the process, which is critical to helping patients feel confident in their decision to proceed with surgery. This technology is becoming more common in consultations as well as preoperative planning. It’s a valuable tool that can increase patient satisfaction and help prevent complications.


While the procedure is invasive, it can effectively contour your body. It involves sucking out fat deposits that are hard to lose through diet and exercise. Liposuction can be performed in your doctor’s office or ambulatory surgery center and usually does not require general anesthesia unless a large fat volume is removed.

New surgical tools have helped make the process much less invasive. Smaller incisions help reduce the chance of scarring. Another advancement is the use of materials that are naturally absorbed by your body. This eliminates the need for artificial implants and reduces the risk of complications.

Non-invasive procedures such as injectables and laser treatments are also gaining popularity. These methods can be done in a clinic or doctor’s office and do not involve a lot of downtime. However, it’s important to note that these techniques are not as permanent as plastic surgery.

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