How to stay anonymous on facebook?

If you are using Facebook, you need to know it’s not safe and you shouldn’t use it anonymously. This is just a guide on what you should do in order to stay anonymous. Staying anonymous on Facebook can help protect your identity or hide your Facebook activity.

How to stay anonymous on Facebook?

First of all, if someone wants to find out your information on Facebook, they will just mess around with the search bar and they will be able to find you. It’s not safe! But there are ways to help protect your privacy on Facebook or just hide your profile from prying eyes.

You should do use a different user name that isn’t related to your real name in any way. If someone searches up to your name, don’t show up in the search bar.

Secondly, go into settings and turn off all the activities you don’t want people to find out about on your profile. In fact, it’s a good idea to just go through all of your privacy settings and change them so that only friends can see certain things on your profile. Also, make sure you choose the audience wisely when posting something on your profile.

Thirdly, you should make sure you are aware of what apps are asking for permission to use on Facebook. It’s a good idea to check who your friends are connected with on the apps they use because it might be some sketchy people or companies trying to get information about you. Also, if any app has access to your messages, you should delete them immediately.

Fourth of all, it’s a good idea to use an email address that isn’t related to your Facebook account in any way. If people want to find out more about you and what apps and websites you use, they will probably try and get into your email account. Don’t make it easy for them.

Fifth of all, you must remember to never post anything on Facebook that can make anyone identify who you are. You should also not tell people your real name or any personal information about yourself. If someone finds out your identity, they might be able to find out more about you which can put your privacy at risk.

Sixthly, you must remember to not friend and accept requests from people you don’t know on Facebook. If someone is able to find out your identity, they might be able to get more information about you which puts your privacy at risk.

These are the most important steps in order to stay anonymous on Facebook. If you follow these rules, then you can keep your profile safe and secure. Just remember that you should be aware of what you post on your profile, who can see it and who has access to it. Make sure you only post things that aren’t personal and won’t give away information about yourself. If any app has access to your messages, delete them immediately because they might contain personal information about yourself which could be used against you.

Can you be totally anonymous on Facebook??

No, because Facebook is a big company that can track everything you do on Facebook. Since Facebook is so popular and many people use it, that makes it is easier for Facebook to find out information about its users. You should just follow these rules in order to stay safe and secure on Facebook. If you ever feel like someone has tried to hack into your account, you should immediately change your password and stay safe.

It is possible to stay anonymous on Facebook by using a different user name that isn’t related to your real identity, turning off all the activities that you don’t want people to find out about on your profile and being careful with what apps have to access to. If people truly want to, they will be able to find out information about you, but this doesn’t mean that your profile is completely open for them to access. There are ways of preventing people from getting into your Facebook account and finding out personal information.

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