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Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult and emotional process that can affect the whole family. It is a huge change and transition that will cause feelings similar to the grieving process. To have an idea of what you will go through and better understand what you are going through, you can look up the five stages of grief. You will not necessarily go through these stages in order, but it can be good to recognise which stage you and your partner are in so that you know it is normal the way you feel. Most importantly, knowing these stages will reassure you that there is light on the other side and the most difficult feelings and emotions will not last forever.

No matter the reason for divorce or how much it was wanted or needed, it can bring out the worst in people as it’s such a vulnerable time for everyone involved. If children are involved, it can be easy for the parents to feel guilty for putting their children through this. However, it is important to remember that staying in an unhealthy relationship just for your children is not necessarily better for your children. Remember that your children are always learning from what you do. If you choose your happiness and choose to stand up for yourself if your partner has mistreated you, your children will hopefully do the same if they are in a similar situation when they are older. Co-parenting is possible and it can be healthier for your children than staying married for them. This can have a bad effect on their emotional health as they can blame your unhappiness on themselves.

 It’s important to do what you can to make it as smooth as possible to avoid it from being traumatic and having long-lasting negative effects. Here are a few tips for making your divorce as smooth as possible.

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  1. If communication has become very difficult and you cannot talk to your partner without things escalating into an argument, it could be a good idea to use a family mediator. If you cannot agree on anything such as the terms of the divorce and who has primary care of the children, it would definitely be advised to look for Family Law Solicitors Gloucester. Visit https://www.deeandgriffin.co.uk for more information.
  2. Prioritise your well-being. Going through a divorce can take a huge toll on mental health so it is important to be compassionate towards yourself, and allow yourself to feel the loss and look after yourself appropriately. Stress can have serious health effects so do everything you can to reduce your stress levels. Make sure to have some alone time so you give yourself the opportunity to wind down.

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  1. Agree with your partner, if you can agree on anything at all, to only discuss the divorce when the children are not around. Do everything you can to make it a less traumatic experience for your children. You can tell them you are divorcing in age-appropriate ways, without going into the reasons.

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