What changes after the first year of marriage?

What changes after the first year of marriage?

In all honesty, it is not possible to establish what will change in the first wedding year. For some couples after the delivery of the latest wedding favors a completely different life begins. For others instead, everything remains wonderfully identical. In any case, do not trust the typical phrases about marriage that see the wedding as the end of spontaneity. Because in reality, beauty is yet to come!

Change your awarenessWhat changes after the first year of marriage?

You don’t always immediately realize how much those two rings around your fingers can make a difference in the perception you have of your couple. Those who have already experienced coexistence believe that there is no difference between life before. And after the wedding, but it is often the perception of the couple that changes.

Marriage is a promise that must be honored day after day. It is the awareness that you have taken responsibility, both religiously and legally, that you will take care of each other. And that joys and sorrows, duties and responsibility, will be shared. If for some this was clear from the start, for others the formalization of this responsibility shows this new life in a whole new light. It is one of the prominent changes in the first year of marriage.

Change the goal

If before most of your speeches were about waiting and preparing for the big day. Now your attention will be devoted to a different goal which may be. For example, the purchase of a new home, the conquest of a better job position or looking for a son.

In any case, you will notice how moments that were previously dedicated to the comparison with the original placeholder ideas, will now focus on other arguments that may be less fun but certainly equally shared. It is another change in the first year of marriage.

Change the routineWhat changes after the first year of marriage?

Often this word is scary especially for men, in reality. It is the most romantic of all the love phrases you have exchanged so far. Routine means sharing rituals, having your habits still to be built. These habits will talk about you, they will tell you about your sweet way of being together and building, day after day, your life full of discoveries and achievements.

Routine is not monotony, it is that solid base from which to start to build your own wonderful family. So do not look negatively at the daily repetition of some gestures. Remember that these are the ones that embrace you and support you as a couple and as a family. It is another change in the first year of marriage.

Quarrels change

If before your arguments mainly concerned the disagreement on DIY wedding favors. It is likely that after the wedding the content of your quarrels will change considerably. Leaving room for heavier and sometimes more complex speeches.

Obviously this will not always be the case, discussions happen and are part of any respectable couple relationship. However, the stress of everyday life and everyday problems could bring bad feelings within the couple. Do not get down, as already said it is completely normal for this to happen, however, try to solve the problems together being the support of the other, even if sometimes it can mean acting as a lightning rod after a bad day.

Expectations are changingWhat changes after the first year of marriage?

This is the most delicate point of all because it is what does not depend directly on you but on the conception that you have of the people around you.

Often there is a tendency to believe that a couple’s path is already written and that for this reason. They must follow the pre-established stages. Usually, in fact, the commonplace wants two engaged couples to marry, set up a house and. After a while, decide to expand the family, regardless of whether the two newlyweds have other plans for themselves or simply have set different times.

Exactly how you can not know what path the bouquet of flowers will take once launched into the air, (will it arrive to your single friend or will it unexpectedly end up on the ground?) The same will be for the newlyweds: do not rush and do not meet the expectations of friends and relatives but only yours.

Do not worry if your desire will be to enjoy a little married life before running in search of a child. If you will live things simply and spontaneously without constraints or anxieties of others. We guarantee you a happy life and like the day of your wedding.

The first year of marriage is probably considered by everyone to be the most beautiful. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the years to come will be less beautiful or exciting. And if you really don’t know how to remedy an argument with your partner, put on your wedding shoes and go out for a romantic candlelit dinner. It will always work, in the first year as in the twentieth.

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