Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trousers

The spring-summer 2020 fashion trousers meet the needs of all of us. Who are always looking for very different models but decidedly current and, above all, that are capable of enhancing the silhouette.

This is why even for this hot season we find pants to the palace and slim. But also a high waist – which is definitely the protagonists for the past some time – sporty, cropped and flared, or flared or bell-bottomed.

Which to choose from the spring-summer 2020 fashion trousers? Girls, the point is that everyone can buy what they prefer and with which they feel most comfortable, to appear at the top on every occasion and simply feel fantastic! Are you curious to discover the new must-haves? Gone with the post!


PALAZZO PANTS, COMFORTABLE AND GLAMORSpring Summer 2020 Fashion Trousers

Especially when it is warmer, palazzo pants return to dominate feminine looks. The models of the moment are high-waisted and can be classic, casual or extremely elegant. Among these, we find smooth and plain pants palazzo. But also fantasy creations, which we recommend to combine with something simple, to create an impactful but refined outfit.

So, it’s no surprise that among the spring-summer 2020 trousers. We find these practical and cool proposals. Precisely because we are going to warmer months and to temperatures that will gradually. Become higher, it is better to get smart and choose colors and light fabrics.

As for the nuances, apart from black and some floral or multicolor stripes. We suggest you focus on the colors of the earth, which are the easiest to combine and also perfectly “in the palette” with the surrounding nature. It is one of the best fashion trousers in spring.

On fabrics, however, we recommend cotton. Which is certainly very light and above all fresh, but also in linen, which gives that raw effect that conquers and makes it unique.


If on the one hand, we find the wide leg of the palace models. On the other there is the slimmer version of the spring-summer 2020 cigarette and chino trousers. These proposals perfectly follow the line of thighs. And legs but are not particularly tight at the ankles, rather they remain straight.

They can have very different closures: with buttons, zip or elastic band. The pockets on the cigarette trousers are not a must, while on the chinos they cut the hips vertically and cleanly.


When to wear straight pants? Certainly, these models, as well as chinos, express great formality and are therefore particularly suitable for working environments.

This is why we recommend you wear them to go to the office or even for a job interview . You can certainly show them off even in your free time without too many problems when instead of decollete or moccasins, you can wear comfortable multicolor sneakers!


Who doesn’t know culotte pants? For several seasons now they have been the protagonists of summer fashion trends. And their success has been so great that many have shown them off even in winter, preferring wool models and combining tights with ankle boots.

Even for the summer, women’s culottes continue to play a fundamental role and. In addition to the models with checked or floral patterns. we suggest you also focus on simpler and basic proposals, to wear your favorite pants at all times of the day.

The culottes are generally high-waisted and may also have a belt that squeezes the waistline and creates a sort of upper hedgehog.


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