The Wicklow Mountains National Park

If you are planning a visit to Ireland, a place that you should definitely visit is the Wicklow mountains national park. If you want to see the stunning rugged scenery that makes Ireland such an enchanting place to be, then this is certainly the place for you.

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The Wicklow mountains national park has a beauty that will take your breath away. The rich history of the area will entice visitors to discover more about this fascinating region. There are plenty of lovely places to stay if you are visiting the park, but make sure that you wrap up warm – you can purchase mens aran sweaters from remember even in the summer months the weather can be a little chilly in Ireland, and it is definitely advisable to pack an umbrella!

In the 6th Century, St Kevin established the first of the monasteries in the area. For centuries these continued to be used, up until the rebellion of 1798, when soldiers used the monasteries as hiding places. Today, many visitors come to see these old monastic ruins, which can still be accessed by visitors to the park.

During the time of the conflict in the 18th century, the great military road was built through the area. This road is still a main route through the park and offers some stunning scenic views to drivers and passengers.

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It is also possible to see the mining history of the mountains, from ruined buildings to discarded heaps dug out from the ground. Although the area firmly belongs to nature, man’s history in the region can be found.


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