Wedding dresses with a belt: The chicest and elegant

Wedding dresses with a belt

Discover the chicest and elegant belt wedding dresses and make a difference on your wedding day. Choose your favorite wedding dresses with a belt.

The wedding dresses belted are an accessory bridal fashion designers have stylish rescued. One of the accessories that continue to trend in the new collections of wedding dresses 2018.

The belt is one of the most versatile accessories because adapting the material and shape, it combines with all styles, from the most classic dresses to the most modern. They are the detail that makes the difference in the simplest lines wedding dresses, and the extra touch of glamor in the most modern designs. Discover the dresses with a belt to mark style on your wedding day.

Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with color belt

Wedding dresses with a belt

The wedding dresses belted are an invitation to make a note of color to the bridal look. Perfect to combine with dresses and elegantly enhance the feminine waist. The new collection of Marchesa 2018 wedding dresses bets on some of their designs by black belts, in contrast to white. Complement also present in the pink wedding dress of the Cotin 2019 collection, or the sensual white dress with gold belt. Belts in the form of bows that exude sensuality and naturalness in the wedding dresses of Alejandra Svarc.

The belt for wedding dress

Wedding dresses with a belt

What style of wedding dress best matches the belt? The most classic and romantic wedding dresses, such as the beautiful models with dancing skirts, wide and tight bodies. The accessory also perfect for empire style dresses, with the highest waist, just below the chest. It is important for wedding dresses with a belt combination.

The midi wedding dresses, very present in the latest collections, are complemented by vintage style belts, perfect to achieve the classic hourglass silhouette. There are also beautiful examples in straight models with a more modern cut, where the belts are an element that separates the skirts from the bodies, with a delicate softness.

Types of dress belts

From the romantic, and almost subtle, adornment of the belt or loop to enhance the waist, as in the collections of Rosa Clara, to the incredible buckle belt of the couture model by Lorenzo Caprile.

If your style is soberer and you do not want to wear a bow or applications in the same fabric, you will find the most interesting satin or silk belts of the most classic collections, or you can also risk with precious jewel belts with strass or crystals.

The waist height of the dress is an element to consider. The dresses with high waistline combine better with wide belts, which surround the body of the bride, to create a contrast with the softness of the floaty skirts. The princess dresses bride, however, combine better with more subtle belts, which can be of a different color than the rest of the dress. If what you want is a vintage style, you can risk and decorate the dress with a colorful belt, which you can combine with the shoes.

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