The 10 hottest Instagram models and followers

hottest Instagram models

With the main catwalks just around the corner, the fashion world is at its peak of the year. The firms present their new designs and what better way to reach the whole world than to have the hottest Instagram models by these are the 10 models with more ‘followers’ on Instagram.

Best hottest Instagram models and followers

Kendall Jennerhottest Instagram models

Kendall Jenner (120 million followers): it is undoubtedly one of the best models in the world. And one of the most followed ‘celebs’ in social networks. Kendall triumphs wherever they put it.

Gigi Hadidhottest Instagram models

Gigi Hadid (51 million followers): Gigi was one of the most famous signings of Victoria’s Secret parade in 2015. The model was already one of the most prominent ‘influencers’ in the world, but as a result, its popularity has not made More than upload. So much that his sister Bella Hadid has signed up for the car…

Cara Delevingnehottest Instagram models

Cara Delevingne (44 million followers): the ex? English model grew up in the shadow of her sister Poppy, but few remember her. Today she is a celebrity and her dummy times are increasingly behind, centered as she is in her film career.

Bella Hadidhottest Instagram models

Bella Hadid ( 27.5 million followers): Gigi’s ‘sister’ threatens to overthrow her sister from the ‘top 3’ of ‘influencers’ in the fashion world. And is that Bella has become record time (and some controversy through) in one of the most demanded models in the industry.

Emily Ratajkowskihottest Instagram models

Emily Ratajkowski (25 million followers): Emily’s case is different from her professional colleagues. We have barely seen her parade on the catwalk, since her turgid breasts seem ‘too much’ for the fashion industry, as she has repeatedly denounced. In return, his Instagram is one of the most followed by photos like the one we can see … Can you be too sexy?

Hailey Baldwinhottest Instagram models

Hailey Baldwin (24 million followers): The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Deodato has seen his popularity multiplied since he started dating Justin Bieber … And even more after his wedding.

Gisele Bundchenhottest Instagram models

Gisele Bundchen (15.6 million followers): Gisele’s case is paradigmatic. And it really is the bridge between two generations: that of the ‘supermodels’ and that of the ‘influencers’. With 15 million followers, his time at Victoria’s Secret has given him more than deserved network popularity.

Candice Swanepoelhottest Instagram models

Candice Swanepoel (13.9 million followers): Victoria’s Secret’s eternal ‘angel’ is always a reference on Instagram.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima  (12.4 million followers): Despite breaking with Victoria’s Secret, Adriana remains one of the most sought-after models in the world. The Brazilian mannequin assured, after his last parade with the firm, that “I will not take off my clothes again for an empty cause.” You will have to reinvent yourself …

Miranda Kerrhottest Instagram models

Miranda Kerr (12.2 million followers): an Australian model, former Victoria’s Secret (what a novelty) follows her own and successful path being the image of various firms and appearing regularly in the lists of the sexiest. Of course, we haven’t seen her on the catwalk for a long time…

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