What your home decoration colours say about you2

What your home decoration colours say about you

We all have colours that are our preferred choices when it comes to decorating our homes but did you know that there is a psychology behind colour and that the hues and tones that you choose say something about your personality?

Take a look at what a few of these colours mean for the next time you look to decorate your Park Homes Gloucester way.

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This is a colour that is associated with intellect and when surrounded by this colour we are affected on a mentally level. It is a soothing colour and can help you to think more clearly as well as aiding concentration and productivity.


Often thought to be one of the strongest colours in terms of its psychological impact, it is the colour associated with confidence. It can help to lift your mood and improve self-esteem.

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This is the colour of balance and is often seen as a neutral colour in terms of its impact on use psychologically. It is the colour often chosen by people who are down to earth and practical as well as those you are dependable and like spending time with others. This can make it the perfect colour for a living room space.

Growth ideas for small businesses2

Growth ideas for small businesses

When it comes to looking at ways in which you can grow your small business there are a number of different directions that you can go in. We find that going back to basics is often the best way to move forwards and it can open up areas for you that you have not previously considered.

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Marketing – are you making the most of the marketing opportunities that you have available to you. This could be marketing that you already do or avenues that you haven’t yet tapped into. A Marketing Strategy Consultant will be able to logically take you through the best options that will work for your business.

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Your story – have you clearly shared your business story with your customers and prospects. Knowing how your business came to be and the ways in which you differ from the other businesses that work in the same sector as you can help to strengthen your brand and will therefore aid in your business growth.

Retargeting – looking at ways in which you can retarget those people who have already used your services or visited your website can give you great results as these people have already bought into your company. It is often easier to get repeat customers than it is to find brand new ones.

Lean Working2

Lean Working

Leaner working means making small, gradual changes in processes to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of the products or services delivered to the customer. This is not a quick fix. This isn’t a short-term method but should be considered a work philosophy for evolving improvement. As we live in a fast-paced environment, it is now more essential than ever for businesses to be able to improve and adapt to meet growing customer demand.

  1. Increased productivity

Applying lean methods involves removing tasks that don’t add value to customers or are wasteful. The collection of unnecessary data, producing goods that are not required, down time caused by a slow system and time spent searching for things are just a few examples of non-value-added activities or waste.

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  1. Smooth operation

After the non-value-added activities have been removed from the process, the focus is on creating value-added measures that allow a smooth flow without interruption, delay, or congestion.

  1. Greater flexibility and responsiveness

With a more efficient process, you will be better able to meet the demands of customers. And with the right tools at your disposal, you will be in a good position to resolve issues when they occur and reduce downtime. Tools include the use of IFA back office software from a site like Intelliflo, leading suppliers of IFA back office software.

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  1. Eliminate defects

Mistakes mean rework and repetition means wasted money, time and the danger of not getting your product to the end customer on time. Many actions involved in a lean philosophy are aimed at getting rid of defects so that products and services are right the first time, every time.

Getting the most from moulding and ceiling roses2

Getting the most from moulding and ceiling roses

If you live in a Victorian property, chances are you still have all the beautiful mouldings which are a big part of the design of this period, such as coving and Ceiling roses. Our Victorian ancestors loved dado rails, skirting boards, architrave and ceiling roses. Moulds often had complex bespoke designs and were made on site for mansions and townhouses. Unfortunately, during the 1970s and 80s, many of the moulds were removed to make way for modernization and change of taste in decoration. If you feel that your room looks a little lost without them, perhaps you are considering reinstalling the period features?

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Initially, ceiling roses were designed to hide unattractive cabling and also to capture the soot from gas lamps before it could spread to the ceiling. Today, they still perform a decorative function, if not for gas lamps! Find a wide range of ceiling roses at Creative Cables

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When choosing a ceiling rose, if your home is a large, old property with high ceilings the best way to be faithful to history is with a large very decorative rose. Ideal designs to look for include leaf mould or egg and dart design. Contemporary homes benefit from clean lines and simple shapes. Even the Victorian era home can look great when given a modern twist, so if you’re looking to redecorate with lighter shades and a touch of modern, simple design, ensure that roses do not impose too much on the overall decor.

The 7 advantages for personal growth

The 7 advantages for personal growth

In life and work, mental elasticity is essential for growth and success. Being elastic is a feature that you can see very well in the common rubber band. If you think for a few seconds about all the possible ways you can use a rubber band, you will find that its possible uses can be hundreds or even thousands.

The mental flexibility, or abandonment of our comfort zone, benefits us in seven distinct ways …

Few people want to be elastic

Most people use only a fraction of mental elasticity and rarely strive to reach their full potential. If there is no tension in your life to grow, there is also little desire to be elastic.

Some statistics show that …

  • A third of all graduates have never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  • About half of the graduates have never read a book after graduating.

Successful people read growth books every day, so if you want to succeed, it’s very difficult to do it without embracing this concept. Too many people are willing to settle for an average life. The average is the top of the bottom, the best of the worst, the bottom of the summit, the worst of the best. You could also be in one of these situations. Being average means being forgotten when you move on to another life. Successful people are remembered for their contribution, while bankruptcy people are remembered for trying; but the average, the silent majority, is immediately forgotten.

Settling in the status quo leads to dissatisfaction

Most people are naturally tempted to settle in a comfort zone, where they choose tranquility with respect to the development of potential. They fall into patterns and family habits, doing the same things, in the same way, with the same people, at the same time and getting the same results. You must be willing to leave what seems familiar, safe and protective. You have to give up excuses and move on. You have to be willing to face the tension that comes from going forward to your potential. Only then can you gain in mental flexibility.

Mental elasticity starts from the inside

Reaching to your OKRS – Objectives and key results starts from your inside. Most people have a dream. For some it is on the tip of the tongue, and for others it is buried deep in their hearts, but everyone has one. However, not many people are pursuing their dream. Instead of wanting, wanting and waiting, people need to look for a reason to start. It is wise to remember that our situation in life is mainly due to the choices and actions we make, or do not do. The bigger we are, the more we are responsible for our situation. Find a mentor who can help you see yourself for what you could be, not who you are currently. And then use that image to inspire you to start your growth path.

Being elastic always requires changes

You can’t improve by avoiding change at the same time. It is difficult to focus on the past in order to change in the present. To grow you must be willing to let your present and your future be totally different from your past. Your story is not your destiny. If you want to grow and change, you have to take risks. People who take risks learn more and faster than those who do not. Their depth and range of experience is often greater. They also learn how to solve problems and their resolution helps people grow. The good news, though, is that it makes us grow in ways that we thought were impossible before.

Mental elasticity distinguishes you from others

Many talented people, with a lot of potential, stop in the media because they think the gap between media and excellence is too big to be achieved. Improving yourself is the best way to help even those around you. Successful people stand out because they start the improvement that others need. When you get better, those around you will benefit.

Being elastic can become a lifestyle

When you stop stretching and being elastic, you really stop living. You can continue to breathe, but inside you are dead and your greatest possibilities have died. Too many people have died, but they haven’t made it official yet. You should replace an old habit with a new habit that works to achieve your goal and produces a pleasant feeling. When you adopt this philosophy in life and really work to change the habits that produce pleasure, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve your goals in life.

Mental elasticity gives meaning to life

The meaning of life is in each of us. If you are willing to stretch and be elastic, this seed can grow until it begins to bear fruit in your life. What is fantastic is that the change within us challenges us to make changes around us: our growth creates a trust in us that others can also grow. When this happens in an environment and everyone is stretching and growing, indifference is replaced by “making a difference”. And that’s how we begin to change our world.

Different Ways to Treat Anxiety

Different Ways to Treat Anxiety

Mental disorders that cause fear, nervousness, worrying and apprehension all fall under the umbrella of anxiety. These disorders can have an impact on how you behave and feel and can also manifest in physical symptoms. Mild anxiety disorders are usually unsettling and vague, but severe ones can be quite debilitating and will impact your life seriously. It can interfere with your sleep and work and also your personal life because it causes constant stress, lack of concentration and other health issues.

Insomnia- What to Do When you Cannot Sleep

Insomnia- What to Do When you Cannot Sleep?

Also called sleeplessness, insomnia is a sleep disorder that troubles thousands of people all around the world. Not only do people have difficulty in falling asleep, even when they have the opportunity to do so, but they also find it difficult to stay asleep if they do manage to sleep. Without a full night’s sleep, you are not going to feel good throughout the day. Even a daytime nap cannot provide you with the energy you need. It continues to happen day after day and it eventually takes a toll on your health and work performances, which can have serious consequences for your future.

Best Strategies for Relieving Anxiety Quickly

Best Strategies for Relieving Anxiety Quickly

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from anxiety. It is characterized by feelings of fear, apprehension and nervousness and manifests in the form of physical symptoms such as rapid breathing, trembling body, nausea, sweat and shortness of breath amongst others. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders and their intensity can vary for person to person. Some suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder while others have to deal with social anxiety disorders. Different forms of phobia like agoraphobia and even fear of heights all fall under the umbrella of anxiety disorders.

5 Tips For Healthier Happier Aging

5 Tips For Healthier Happier Aging

Healthy aging is about implementing certain lifestyle changes that can improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When you feel good you’re happier and we all want to live rich, enjoyable, fulfilling lives. It’s easy for seniors to lose their passion for living and that can have a significant impact on their self-esteem.

A Comprehensive Guide to Anxiety

A Comprehensive Guide to Anxiety

At some point in our lives, each and every one of us experiences feeling of anxiety, whether it is preparing for an examination or making an important decision. Feeling anxious in everyday situations is normal, but excessive and persistent anxiety can lead to serious mental health issues. It is one of the most common mental health issues all over the world. A low level of anxiety is deemed healthy as it serves as a motivating force, but there are times when it can take over your life. The best way to overcome this problem is to understand it in the properly.