Hair spray is a product that has been used for many years now. Born in 1948, but spread in the 60s, lacquer has always been used to give a perfect fold to the rounded and teased hairstyles of the fashion of those years. Initially adopted in hairdressing salons, a few […]

Discover the 10 benefits of Himalayan salt bath and most toxic-free salt on the market Known as white gold, the crystalline salt of the Himalayas is gaining in popularity thanks to its multiple benefits in its use. Originally from Pakistan’s Jhelum mine, it is considered to be the purest, most […]

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The nails almendradas are one of the most sophisticated and practical trends of the year. Striking but elegant, the almond style came to replace traditional nails with sharper or square shapes, since the latter are more difficult to care for. On the other hand, almond nails noticeably improve the appearance […]