Music options for your wedding

Music is one of the most subjective issues in the world. It can bring people together or it can be divisive to the point of a huge argument. Therefore the music at a wedding is extremely difficult to plan for. It’s impossible to please everyone so what steps can you take to make sure everyone is happy and catered for? Luckily when you choose a great venue to host the event like a Kent Barn Wedding at the beautiful then you will be catered for in both food and entertainment.

Save Money on Catering

5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Catering for Your Wedding

There are many big expenses associated with planning a wedding. The venue rental tends to be one of the largest, depending on the location you choose, but the dress, the flowers, and the photographs can certainly cost a pretty penny, as well. And then there is the catering, which can trump them all if you’re not careful. If gourmet cuisine and top-shelf liquor are what you want, you can have them, but the price could be astronomical. So if you’re looking for ways to save when it comes to catering your wedding, here are some effective solutions that may hit the mark.

  • DIY. This strategy isn’t for everyone, but there are a couple of ways it can work. First, it is a lot easier for small weddings, say 50 guests or less. When you’re feeding 200+ you probably don’t want to go it alone. Next you need to get your local family and friends involved. Catering your own wedding is necessarily a group effort, and it is made easier if your reception is held at a family home or you’re given access to a kitchen space at your event venue where food can be prepped, stored, and even cooked or warmed up. You also need to choose foods that are easy to prepare and serve, since you probably won’t spring for waiters. Buffet-style, serve-yourself dishes tend to work best. But some couples are opting for the ease of use that comes with tea service or sundae bars instead of a full meal – you just need to let your guests know so they can plan accordingly for meals.
  • Have the reception at a restaurant. Most caterers are going to charge more per plate than the average restaurant for a variety of reasons, namely the exclusivity of their service, the fact that they’re transporting the food to your venue, and the individual plating and serving of each dish. If you opt to rent out a local restaurant instead, you’ll get basically the same service. And some places even have a stage for the band or DJ to set up, they’ll clear a dance floor, and they’ll let you come in early and decorate for the event.
  • Skip the servers. One expense associated with catering is hiring waiters to serve each dish, not to mention the prep time for individual plating. You can save a lot by opting for buffet service instead of all the extra work involved with serving guests.
  • Control portions. Sure you want your guests to get enough to eat at your reception, but think about this: if you serve shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, when people are really hungry, do you really want it to be a free-for-all (for everyone but you)? Instead, make sure everything is portioned on a per-table basis so you can control the costs. Supply a set amount for appetizers, entrees, and even alcohol for each table. And give larger portions of a delicious salad so that guests won’t be upset about the diminutive size of the shrimp appetizer. You can also provide light alcohol (wine, beer, champagne) and let guests pay for their own hard liquor if they want it.
  • Comparison shop. You can’t hope to find the best wedding caterer if you don’t shop around. So get referrals from friends, try places that get good reviews on Yelp, and make sure you schedule plenty of consultations, complete with tasting. This will give you an idea of what you’ll get for the price. You’re sure to find a reputable vendor that can offer you both amazing cuisine and a price that works with your budget.
Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with a belt: The chicest and elegant

Discover the chicest and elegant belt wedding dresses and make a difference on your wedding day. Choose your favorite wedding dresses with a belt.

The wedding dresses belted are an accessory bridal fashion designers have stylish rescued. One of the accessories that continue to trend in the new collections of wedding dresses 2018.

The belt is one of the most versatile accessories because adapting the material and shape, it combines with all styles, from the most classic dresses to the most modern. They are the detail that makes the difference in the simplest lines wedding dresses, and the extra touch of glamor in the most modern designs. Discover the dresses with a belt to mark style on your wedding day.

Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with color belt

Wedding dresses with a belt

The wedding dresses belted are an invitation to make a note of color to the bridal look. Perfect to combine with dresses and elegantly enhance the feminine waist. The new collection of Marchesa 2018 wedding dresses bets on some of their designs by black belts, in contrast to white. Complement also present in the pink wedding dress of the Cotin 2019 collection, or the sensual white dress with gold belt. Belts in the form of bows that exude sensuality and naturalness in the wedding dresses of Alejandra Svarc.

The belt for wedding dress

Wedding dresses with a belt

What style of wedding dress best matches the belt? The most classic and romantic wedding dresses, such as the beautiful models with dancing skirts, wide and tight bodies. The accessory also perfect for empire style dresses, with the highest waist, just below the chest. It is important for wedding dresses with a belt combination.

The midi wedding dresses, very present in the latest collections, are complemented by vintage style belts, perfect to achieve the classic hourglass silhouette. There are also beautiful examples in straight models with a more modern cut, where the belts are an element that separates the skirts from the bodies, with a delicate softness.

Types of dress belts

From the romantic, and almost subtle, adornment of the belt or loop to enhance the waist, as in the collections of Rosa Clara, to the incredible buckle belt of the couture model by Lorenzo Caprile.

If your style is soberer and you do not want to wear a bow or applications in the same fabric, you will find the most interesting satin or silk belts of the most classic collections, or you can also risk with precious jewel belts with strass or crystals.

The waist height of the dress is an element to consider. The dresses with high waistline combine better with wide belts, which surround the body of the bride, to create a contrast with the softness of the floaty skirts. The princess dresses bride, however, combine better with more subtle belts, which can be of a different color than the rest of the dress. If what you want is a vintage style, you can risk and decorate the dress with a colorful belt, which you can combine with the shoes.

Disney themed wedding

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows – Guidelines, Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

Traditional wedding vows are predictable. Life is not. Will I cherish and love my partner when I wake up in the morning and see there’s no coffee left? I don’t think so… It’s only fair to let him/her know right at the start.

We all like the thrill of that moment at a wedding when we realize that the couple is going to say their own vows instead of just repeating the generic ones.

Are you and your partner considering it? Cold feet?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one. Especially if you haven’t had a chance to speak in public that much. With a few useful tips and tricks, you are bound for success.

Disney themed wedding

Prewriting Activities 

The first thing to do is check whether you are allowed to do it at the place where the wedding ceremony takes place. For example, some churches don’t give this opportunity.

There is a general rule of who goes first, and it gives the advantage to the man. However, most venues and cultures will leave it up to you two to decide. You and your partner need to agree on this ahead.

Rings usually come after the vows. This kind of makes sense. It feels like a done deal once you have exchanged the rings. 

Keep in Mind 

If you find yourself at your wits’ end, look for some inspiration. You can read love poems or google famous movie vows. Quite a few beautiful ones you can find listed right here.

As far as the duration is concerned, anything longer than 2 minutes puts you at risk for a yawn from the audience.It can also water down the power of what you are saying.

Don’t let the location limit you. Ok, no anecdotes in churches, we can all agree on that one. However, if you have chosen this Houston wedding venue on a rustic ranch, be funny and romantic all you want. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Vows 

Choosing the style of your wedding vow is the first step. It depends mostly on the type of person you are. According to how you see yourself and where you feel comfortable, write romantic, traditional, or funny wedding vows. Maybe try to restrain the cynical part of yourself for this occasion.

Saying a few general words about your partner and pointing out a few of his virtues is always an excellent start. How he makes you feel and how he influenced your life is a logical next step.

By all means, promise something. For better and for worse, in sickness and in health pretty much covers everything, so try to personalize it. ‘Mostly because they told me it’s too late to elope?’

Benign violation and surprise usually work when you want to make someone laugh.

Beware of combining anecdotes with humor, though. This can put you on thin ice. Consider whether the story is going to embarrass your partner. Does he like hearing it? Keep the audience in mind as well. Don’t tell a story that involves your best friend getting plastered…

Try to avoid absolute words. Never, always, must or only sound threatening.

Some people claim you cannot be too cheesy when giving a wedding vow. But we all know that’s not true, right? Some cheesiness could work nicely but cut it quickly. This is another perfect moment for a joke.

Try to avoid clichés. Your partner is one of a kind, after all.

Decide whether you’re going to read your vows or memorize them. Memorizing is a better option because it allows you to make eye contact with your partner. If you would like to learn a few tricks on how to practice and memorize your speech, check out this video. It has some excellent tips. 

The last step could be choosing the bluntest person among your friends. Read or say your vows to her/him. Listen to what she/he has to say. 

Things that Could Go Wrong and How to Get Out of the Woods 

If this is the first time you are getting married and you mess something up, remember: you can always go Jeniffer Aniston: ‘Oh, I’ve never done this before.’

Dry mouth is a widespread occurrence when we get nervous. The easy solution is to bite on your tongue. This is the quickest way to activate your salivary glands. Don’t drink water, it’s counterproductive.

Hecklers… they happen even at weddings. If someone interrupts your speech, the best response could be a joke. Try something like ‘Everybody, please wave, my train of thoughts has just left the station.’

If you lose this train without a heckler, don’t make a big deal out of it. Move on to the next part of your speech that you can remember. Say something like, ‘You still make me lose my mind, just like when I first met you.’ 

The performance depends a bit on how used you are to speak in public. Even if you freak out, try to remember: you are surrounded by your friends and family. They love you, and they are happy to spend this day by your side. It is the love of your life you are addressing. 


Wedding vows are a beautiful way to start a life together. When you think about it, what are the chances that your marriage will resemble any other? Exactly, none.

It only makes sense that you lay the foundation for it using your own words.

Some people prepare the vows with their partners. Some choose to hear what their partner has to say during the ceremony.

One way or another, you are bound to share a very personal and memorable moment with your partner for life.

And the guests… They will enjoy every second of it.

Wedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

Wedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

With or without the veil, on the wedding day, the hair will be the protagonists of the look together, of course, with the bridal makeup, which must be in full harmony. And just as it will be necessary to make a final decision between the wide choice of wedding dresses before finding the perfect one. Even the bridal hairstyle is a detail that surely will not have to go into the background. Choosing the most suitable one can become a real dilemma! We offer you a selection made to measure for you, marries all curls and whims!

Disney themed wedding

Disney themed wedding

If both you and your partner are fans of Disney movies, you can take advantage of your wedding day to recreate the great moments of your movies. We share about Disney themed wedding for you.

More and more couples decide to flee from traditionalism and make their wedding a reality show inspired by movies, stories or fantasy worlds. The truth is that the dream of many girls since childhood is to recreate those beautiful love stories. And celebrations with which they have grown, as can be Disney.