Music options for your wedding

Music is one of the most subjective issues in the world. It can bring people together or it can be divisive to the point of a huge argument. Therefore the music at a wedding is extremely difficult to plan for. It’s impossible to please everyone so what steps can you take to make sure everyone is happy and catered for? Luckily when you choose a great venue to host the event like a Kent Barn Wedding at the beautiful then you will be catered for in both food and entertainment.

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One of the best ways forward is to hire a DJ. They can tailor the tunes to the audience. A good DJ can read the mood of the guests and understand what they want to have played. The other excellent option is to go for a band but you need one that plays generic tunes. Live music is fun and maybe a good swing band might be the answer. Swing is a very universal type of sound and it tends to lend itself well to the party theme.

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The other issue is the dreaded first dance song. Ever since that couple went viral on YouTube with their standard dance that turned into a bit of a show, the emphasis has been on making a splash. Don’t forget that you really do not have to do that if you don’t want to. Popular favourites are Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion, Evergreen by Will Young and (They long to be) Close to you be the Carpenters. Try to keep it at under 4 minutes if you can.

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