Winter storms are a common occurrence in the UK and cause millions of pounds worth of damage each time one descends. They might have names now but they are still a pain, especially for homeowners who will end up dealing with the consequences of heavy rain and strong winds. If […]

If you are thinking of planning a romantic evening meal for you and your partner, perhaps for an anniversary or birthday or even just as a way to spend some time out together after the last year and half there are a number of things to think about and here […]

Most people love summer but for some it’s a season of hot, humid, sweaty discomfort especially in our well insulated UK homes that are not well equipped for keeping us cool in a heatwave. So, to celebrate ways to beat the heat, here are some very ‘cool’ songs:

Many people who struggle with stress often turn to counselling as a way of dealing with the issue. Counsellors are qualified to help people deal with the various aspects of their lives. Some of the most common issues clients seek counselling for are: relationships, career, death, disaster and illness. All […]

As the weather starts to change so do our wardrobe needs. As we put the summer clothes away, this is a good opportunity to update the wardrobe, as well as to get rid of anything that we no longer need. Clothes, shoes and accessories all should be sorted through first […]

Winter is a strange time of year for fashion – although we want to wrap up warm and cosy as we enjoy (or endure!) the chilly weather, we also want to look our best for the festivities that winter brings us, and just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean […]