Add These Garments to Your Spring Wardrobe to Spice Up Your Style

The trans-seasonal months of the year are the perfect time to revamp your closet and add new, exciting elements to it. Although the days are getting longer and warmer, don’t rush to hide your heavy knits into the depths of your closet as you might still need them when putting together new outfits just like the ones from Pinterest. If this spring you want to rethink your style as well, we’ve made a list of a few items that you should consider wearing during these months.

Leather trench coat

We all know that trench coats are a must in your wardrobe, especially the spring one, but if you’re tired of wearing this coat all the time and looking just like any other person on the street, switch the classic design to a leather coat instead. It will make the perfect trans-seasonal piece that will make you look stylish without sacrificing comfort. If you feel extra confident and you’d like to have all eyes on you no matter where you’re going, get a leather coat in a bold color such as red, terracotta, or hot pink. This way, you are sure to stand out of the crowd wherever you go as such an item will become the focal point of your outfit no matter how basic it is.


Vests, sometimes referred to as sleeveless sweaters, have reached the peak of their popularity recently, and for good reason: they are chic and warm, making them ideal for spring. When it’s warm enough outside, a garment like this can easily take the place of a jacket and is also excellent for layering. Irish vests have become increasingly popular this season. In addition to its intriguing design, an Irish vest is excellent for layering as it’s made of warm, breathable merino wool, which is renowned for its remarkable insulating qualities. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns so that you won’t have any problems with finding the one that would be perfect for you. Also, you can put it on top of just about anything, including a fancy button-up, a t-shirt in a simple pattern, or a floral blouse.

Denim clothing

Denim is one of the best fabrics to wear during spring as it is lightweight enough to keep you cool during the warmer days but it can also protect you from an unexpected rain or harsh wind. The denim jeans are a renowned classic that shouldn’t be missed from anyone’s wardrobe, be it the timeless straight leg pants or the modern mom’s jeans. However, there are plenty of other denim pieces that you should consider getting, such as a denim jacket, a fit skirt, and cropped tops, as they will give your outfit a little extra excitement and make it look more fashionable. One great thing about this twill fabric is that it only gets better with time, which means that you can find plenty of high-quality denim pieces in thrift stores which will help you substantially save up your money without compromising style.

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