If you are self-employed or thinking about starting a business, you may be wondering whether you would benefit from hiring a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper manages your accounts, payments and finances, making sure everything is done on time and recorded correctly. As every business has finances and accounts, every business would […]

For many companies, customer service and quality products and services are top priorities. But what do consumers look for when they’re shopping? Does your company offer a unique or personalised experience? Do you offer more than competitors? And how do you inspire trust and confidence in your brand?

The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years makes it necessary to know in-depth what they are, their real value, and how they are created. More and more users dare to enter and invest in this type of asset with exponential rises and falls in the markets. This operation of cryptocurrencies […]

The path that a small business takes to become a large corporation is full of challenges and opportunities. From the acquisition of clients at the beginning of the company to the selection of managers in the growth phase and the definition of the strategy, everything has a moment and a […]

Leaner working means making small, gradual changes in processes to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of the products or services delivered to the customer. This is not a quick fix. This isn’t a short-term method but should be considered a work philosophy for evolving improvement. As we live in […]

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen. She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way. When she reached the […]