Making the most of your garage

Those without a garage envy those who have them and those who have a garage should be grateful for this incredibly useful extra square footage in your property. A garage can be such a versatile space that has since long since evolved from being purely a place to store the car. If you have an empty garage and are wondering what you can do with that precious space, here are inspiring ideas that other homeowners have done:

  1. A Workshop

A garage is the perfect location to set up a workshop. Whether it’s purely for hobbies or part of a home business, it is a space that lends itself to messy work that you might not want done inside the house. There is space for workbenches and tools, as well as an electricity supply, plenty of ventilation and space for storage. It keeps you out of the elements and saves money on having to rent a workshop elsewhere. So, whether it’s a space for upcycling furniture or taking apart motorbikes – the garage is the ideal location.

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  1. Storage Space

Many homeowners are already doing this but are they doing it efficiently? A garage can be a wonderful storage space but it should be easy to immediately find things and be well organised. Some ideas include installing a ceiling storage area, making use of the vertical space with high up shelving. Did you know that a pulley system can be used to create bike lifts that hoist them up near the ceiling? Bikes can also be hung onto walls to keep the floor space clear. Pegboards for tools and rolling bins are further additions to make light work of keeping the garage tidy.

  1. Home Gym

Gym memberships are pricey and many people feel self-conscious about working out in public. Commuting to a gym also takes valuable time out of the day. For this reason, many choose to convert their garage space into a personal fitness area. Garages are ideal as they offer plenty of floorspace and fresh air, as well as providing the privacy you need when you want to work up a sweat. Make sure your garage is in good condition. If you need Garage Door Repair, contact

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  1. A Studio/Office

Do you need a space for arts and crafts or a quiet place to work from home away? A garage space can be an absolute haven for those who like to disappear alone to fully immerse themselves in a project or work. Of course, the space can also be focused on children. Perhaps you would prefer a play space outside of the main living area where they can be messy with their toys and do some painting etc?

  1. Business Premises

Homeowners setting up a business can also convert their garage into a workplace. For example, a beauty salon, hairdressers, tattoo parlour, pet grooming service or office. This will require permission from a landlord or mortgage company, so bear this in mind before you act.

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