Gambling, and the pitfalls of spending your time and money in a casino.

I guess nearly everyone has seen a television programme on Casinos in America and particularly Los Angeles, but there are many gambling venues here in Great Britain where ordinary people are tempted to spend their time and money. The bright lights and loud music entice unsuspecting families in through their doors and then the promise of big winnings and the lure of getting rich quick can often lead to the loss of hard-earned holiday spending money.

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It’s not just the noisy slot machines but the roulette tables, card tables and craps, all designed to encourage you to spend your money, it’s on a rare occasion that the gambler wins!  The Casino can sometimes lose money, but this is probably only when unscrupulous criminals use cunning and devious strategies to scam them.  Casinos have to take great security measures to prevent that happening, including completing an AML ID CHECK on suspicious patrons of their establishment.  These elite checks are carried out by professional companies such as

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If you do venture into a casino, have a set limit of money that you can afford to lose and stick to it.  Don’t EVER borrow money to gamble or use credit cards to fund your gambling.  If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t go into this type of establishment in the first place.  Don’t gamble on a regular basis and if you do win then walk away and don’t be tempted to put your winnings into another gambling venture.

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