How to Write a Brief for an Architect

When you want to get work done to your home and you are looking for an architect like this residential architects Kensington based company who can work with you on it, you should have a good idea of what you want. Before you go out and start looking for an architect you should write a brief.

A good brief means that you will be able to communicate to the architect what you want and means that you will not only be able to find a suitable architect but also that you are going to be on the same page when it comes to design.

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Writing a brief also helps you to think beforehand about the things that you do and don’t want, the uses of the space and how you foresee it being used in the future.

When you are writing your brief, here are some of the things to include in it…

How the Space will Be Used – Giving the architect a good idea of how you want to use the space really helps from a design point of view. An extension can be used in many ways, but by giving an idea of how you want to make use of the space yourself, they will be able to create it with this in mind.

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Aesthetics – If there are certain materials and styles that you particularly do or don’t like, this is your time to say! Make sure that you are clear about the materials and styles that you really want to see or really don’t!

Budget – Including your budget means that the architect will know what they have to work with and means that they can bear this in mind when they are designing it.

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