Planning your Bedroom Storage

A bedroom can be many things to people – a place to rest and relax, somewhere to chill out with a book, somewhere to spend time with a partner and for children a space to play and have fun. When designing a bedroom, it is important to firstly consider the use and purpose of the room as well as the size and shape of the room in order to make sure that you choose the right furniture that is best suited to it.

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Who is the Room For? The most important thing to consider first of all is who the room is for. If the bedroom is for a couple, you need to consider the fact that you need to ensure that you have storage for two people when sharing the room.

For a child, the bed itself will not need to be as large, however children often have lots of toys as well as clothes to store, so beds with underneath storage and thinking about how you can easily adapt the room as the child grows, are both things that are worth considering.

If you are creating a guest bedroom, then you are likely not going to need a room that has as much storage, however, you might want to utilise the room for storing some things of your own too.

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What is the Size of the Room? Size is of course one of the most important considerations when you are planning the furniture and storage space in a bedroom. The most important thing to do regardless of the size of the room is make sure that you take accurate measurements so that the room does not become cluttered or end up with furniture that is too large.

What About the Shape? – Some bedrooms can be an awkward shape, and this can prove a challenge when it comes to planning out the storage space in them. Some clever ways around this is to make the most of it and utilise small alcoves as built in wardrobes, which you can have created especially by someone like this bespoke wardrobes Hampshire based company for example.

Small nooks and crannies in a room also provide a great place for shelving, it can just take a bit of careful planning, but a bedroom that is an awkward shape can also be a good opportunity.

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