The Best Plants to Brighten your Garden in the Autumn

Flowers are one of those things that can really brighten up our day – from a professional bouquet made by Tewkesbury florist the Flower shed to a garden full of beautiful blooms, they are something that can be relied upon to bring some joy to our lives. As summer comes to an end, it seems like there will be no colourful flowers to brighten the garden over the winter months, but in fact there are many things that you can plant to lift your spirits through the darker months of the year…

Holly – This is a beautiful and popular plant and has long been planted in gardens as it is believed to have protective properties. It really does, and is great around a garden boundary, preventing burglars from getting in.  The shiny and glossy leaves and the red berries provide a festive display in the depths of winter and are also popular with birds as a food source at a time when food is scarce.

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Rudbeckia – These are great plants to have in the garden as they provide a bright and beautiful colour display all the way from late summer to October. In the fiery colours of summer there are lots of varieties to choose from and they are also great as cut flowers to bring indoors.

Delosperma – They look like delicate little things but these pretty jewel coloured flowers are incredibly tough and will bloom quite happily until the first winter frosts, so will see through most of autumn easily. They are easy to look after and not fussy or challenging plants to grow either so are perfect for novice gardeners.

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Sedum – The beautiful rich pink tones of Sedum are not only lovely for humans to look at but are a favourite with butterflies and bees, so are a great addition to a wildlife friendly garden. Blooming long into the autumn months these are great in borders and make a real impact when grown in a rich colourful swathe.

Aster – A real firm favourite with many gardeners, the beautiful asters are a delightful addition to a garden and are known for the fact that they can be in bloom even into November! There are a lot of colours to choose from too, from bright whites to pretty pinks.

Sternbergia – These close relatives of the crocus are a bright summery splash of yellow that will bloom in late summer and carry on into the autumn. Very hardy, they are a great plant to brighten up a rockery, and are not very fussy about the type of soil that they grow in.

Begonia – The bountiful blooms are great long-lasting flowers – they can bloom in the summer but can easily last into November. They are great in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes and add a really bold splash of colour to the garden in the colder months of the year.

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