What is the origin of the marquee?

When you are busy planning your party or event, you probably won’t have given much thought to the origins of the marquee. Over the past decade, marquees have grown in popularity and are perfect for formal and informal events.

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The tent’s origins are not a mystery. They date back to the Iron Age. Tents are used in a variety of ways, including as homes for nomads, for recreational camping, for shelter during disasters and for military camps. Bell tents, teepees and other designs can be extravagant or simple. The Roman legions are believed to have been the first to use tent-like structures made of leather and evidence of this dates back to 1st century BC.

Military tents are also associated with field hospitals. They were designed in 1858 by Captain Godfrey Rhodes and are not that different from the tents used during Roman times. Field hospitals were unchanged until the Second World War.

Early marquees used canvas, but PVC is now the most common and offers better protection from the elements. The marquee will be supported by poles. How many poles you need depends on how large the marquee needs to be and how complex the design is. Tents with pointed tips or domes require more poles. For advice on which type to choose, consider Marquee Hire Cheltenham from a site like goodintents.co.uk/marquee-hire-near-me/marquee-hire-cheltenham

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In the 19th century, the circus tent was the most popular use of marquees. The striped tents, called Big Tops, were ideal for circus performers who were gypsies or travellers. A tent provided both flexibility and mobility.

Music festivals use marquees because they are easy and quick to set up, offer protection for electrical equipment, and provide a base to build a stage. Most of the UK’s major music festivals use marquees. They are easy to assemble, offer great protection for electrical equipment and provide the ideal base for a stage.

The marquee used to be a symbol of the upper-class and was primarily seen at English garden weddings. But today, they are a popular option and can offer an alternative indoor venue that is flexible and affordable. A marquee is a great option for corporate events. It’s more lively and interesting than a traditional boardroom. These large tents are also used for exhibitions due to their size and protection.

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