4 Purses to Wear Instead of the Basic Tote Bag

Basic Tote Bag

When it comes to putting together an outfit, nothing makes it look preppier than a great bag. The basic tote bag is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe –  it is spacious, lightweight, and has a classic design that goes well with any outfit. However, if you want to make a statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd, why not try something different? Here are 5 bags that you can incorporate into your looks instead of the basic tote.

Cross-Body Bag

For those who don’t need to pack a lot for the pack and want to stay hands-free, cross-body bags are the perfect choice. Such a purse can easily carry your belongings so you won’t have to worry about the size of your bag. Cross-body bags come in a variety of styles and sizes so there is something for every occasion and they can easily be transitioned from daily outfits to chic evening looks. For an elegant, basic cross-body bag choose one in a neutral color like beige or black so you can match it with all the clothes from your wardrobe.

Tweed Bag

Celtic tweed bags are a wonderful choice for those who want to make their everyday work outfits have more color and depth without breaking the dress code. Contrary to their imposing name, these accessories look modern and trendy, and they are especially popular for the fall and winter seasons, as this fabric adds a sense of warmth and visual interest to your look. Plus, Celtic tweed bags as these https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-celtic-handbags come in a variety of colors, from classic gray that is great for official outings to bright palettes of orange, red, and greed that can be a game-changer even for the most basic monochrome looks.


Backpacks are an essential item for anyone who needs to carry a lot of items around on a regular basis. Backpacks are ideal for those for whom tote bags aren’t really their cup of tea but they still want a roomy bag that won’t bend documents and fit the laptop and other belongings. From basic canva backpacks to more elegant ones made of leather, there is sure to be a design that fits your fashion preferences perfectly. One of the main benefits of backpacks is their versatility: whether you’re going on a day trip or just need to run some errands, a backpack is the perfect choice for you.

Satchel Bag

If you’re looking for a work bag that will make you exude an air of sophistication, look no further than the satchel bag. This structured accessory is everything you might look for when shopping for a bag: it has a lot of space and structured compartments, is study and durable, and comes in all kinds of shades and fabrics. Additionally, it is easy to carry around thanks to the wide strap that can be fixated on your shoulder. For a classic bag that will serve for many years, opt for a leather bag in a timeless shade such as brown, black, or burgundy.

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