Men’s Must Haves for the Winter

Winter is a strange time of year for fashion – although we want to wrap up warm and cosy as we enjoy (or endure!) the chilly weather, we also want to look our best for the festivities that winter brings us, and just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean that we should forgo our sense of style in the process of keeping warm! Of course, the lifestyle that you have will influence the clothing that you look for, but if you are after some men’s winter essentials that keep you looking great over the colder months, here are a few good ideas to help start you off…

Black Jeans – Winter is a darker time of the year, and a pair of black jeans are a wardrobe staple. The shapes and styles of jeans vary a lot, and the skinnies are now on their way out, as the 90s influence continues. When looking for jeans, go for a classic shape and a good quality brand – there are many out there, from classic Levi’s to Superdry menswear so have a look around, and get to know the different cuts of jeans. They are great for a day out in town and black jeans can give you a smarter look than blue denim, so can see you into the evening too, whilst still being a comfortable item of clothing.

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Overcoats – These are smart and practical, and come in such a wide range of styles there is really something for everyone. The long trench coat style has been seen a lot on the catwalks and is set to be huge this winter, and the leather coats are also a hit with fashionistas for autumn and winter 2021. If you want a classic coat that will last, go for a wool one in a neutral colour. This is something that will always be a win when it comes to dressing well in the winter.

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Boots – Don’t forget your feet! As we wave goodbye to the daps and flip flops of the summer, we want something that is going to keep feet warm and dry in the winter months, without sacrificing style. Boots are great for this and again there are a wide range around at the moment. The designer Wellington boots are having a huge fashion moment right now, and are also one of the most practical items of winter footwear that you can own! Doctor Martens are also a great choice and promise years of wear as well as having that enduringly cool style.

Knitwear – Yes this is of course a winter essential, but to avoid dressing like a granddad you need to get it right! Roll neck sweaters with plenty of layers are a good choice for the winter and can also be dressed up or down. The classic crew neck is another wardrobe essential. The key with knitwear is to buy good quality items and care for them well – if you do this, they will last you years!

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