5 Tips For Healthier Happier Aging

Healthy aging is about implementing certain lifestyle changes that can improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When you feel good you’re happier and we all want to live rich, enjoyable, fulfilling lives. It’s easy for seniors to lose their passion for living and that can have a significant impact on their self-esteem.

Healthier, happier aging is about finding smart ways to make the most out of life and working through the challenges that are inherent as a component of getting older. Here are five simple tips for helping seniors down the path towards achieving their goals and living more rich and satisfying lives.

Remember, age is only a number and you’re only as old as you feel. Adopting these habits will ensure that you feel your best so that you can live your best life.

1. Get Enough Sleep

It all starts when your day ends. Sleep is one of the most important things that seniors need because of all the benefits that a good night’s rest provides. When we sleep, our bodies take that time to recover from the impacts of the day’s events, all of our systems heal properly and it leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever tomorrow throws at us.

This down time is even more critical for seniors so their minds and bodies are rejuvenated and the immune system has an opportunity to ward off disease and illnesses that can present a major threat to wellness.

Doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep each night and if you are currently getting less than that when you get under the covers, you could be doing yourself a great disservice.

2. Plenty of Exercise

That’s right, the more active you are, the better you’re going to feel. It may not seem that way when you’re sitting comfortably on your couch or in that easy chair, but studies have shown that seniors who get up on their feet and get active are far more happier and healthier because they’re dealing with less pain and soreness on a daily basis.

This is due to the fact that our bodies tend to break down more easily when we don’t use our natural capabilities. Joints and muscles can start to ache and deteriorate when they’re neglected, so if you become more active you’re just strengthening those areas to stave off discomfort and weakness.

How you go about getting that exercise is up to you and, the good news is, you don’t need to hit the gym or take on any strenuous workout routines unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing! Getting plenty of exercise is as easy as taking a walk through your neighborhood, riding a bike, playing with your grand-kids, maybe you’ve considered trying pilates.

There are many classes out there designed for and run by older individuals and this type of senior care provided by seniors can make exercise less intimidating and more rewarding.

  1. The Importance of Skin CareOne of the most overlooked aspects of healthy aging is our skin. Good skin care practices are vital to our health and happiness for more reasons than the superficial. Sure, it’s good to slow down the aging process by preserving a young and vibrant appearance but there are further benefits to making sure that your skin is well protected from the harmful effects of UV radiation in direct sunlight.

That’s because skin cancer is a definite threat to the health and well-being of seniors and in order to avoid developing this and other types of skin disease, it’s absolutely critical to apply a strong SPF sunscreen on particularly bright days.

Creams and lotions are good for minimizing wrinkles and many come with protective ingredients to reduce the sun’s harmful effects. So the next time you step outside on those sunny mornings and afternoons, safeguard any exposed skin on your face, arms, hands, and legs before you go.

4. Stay Sharp

It’s important to keep your body active but don’t forget about your mental acuities. You always want to keep challenging yourself with puzzles, games, even conversing with friends and loved ones in social situations. Anything that can make you have to put your thinking cap on.

Mental stimulation is a key component to healthy aging so you can remain witty and smart whenever the situations calls for it.

5. Smart Nutrition

Last but not least, you’re probably aware of the way diet plays a role in getting older. You need to be sure you put the right foods on your plate and avoid those items that are heavy in fats, sugars, and sodium. Weight gain can be a substantial detriment to seniors and choosing only heart-healthy, nutrient-rich foods high in vitamins will be your best ally in the battle of the bulge.

It can’t be overstated how crucial good nutrition is for senior citizens who want to live happier and healthier lives. Maybe a sugary treat once in a while is fine, but stay focused on consuming your recommended daily allowance of all the essential food groups.

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