Does car insurance cover driving a van?

There are times when your car’s boot just doesn’t provide enough space, such as when moving home, helping someone clear out a property, or simply needing to visit the recycling facility with your unwanted goods.

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What should you do if you want to hire a van?

Before you get behind the wheel of a van, it is worth checking that you are correctly insured. It is sometimes possible to drive a van on your car insurance, although it may not provide the level of cover you require without making specific amendments.

Companies that provide van rental Bristol, such as, often include van hire cover in their package.

Van insurance is designed to cover vehicles that are classified as vans or commercial vehicles. When obtaining van insurance, you will need to provide details about the vehicle, whether your use is personal or business, and the type of cover you require.

Do you have to contact your insurer?

Before driving a van, contact your insurance provider to discuss your specific needs. They can provide guidance on the type of insurance you need and help you understand any adjustments required to ensure you are adequately covered when driving the vehicle. It is important to be honest and give accurate information to your insurance provider.

If you use a van for business purposes, you might need a commercial van insurance policy, which can cover you for tasks related to your company. Simply Business has a guide on the best vans for 2024.

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What could happen if you don’t have the necessary insurance?

Driving a van without the appropriate insurance can lead to legal consequences and may result in your insurance being voided in the event of an accident or claim.

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