Interior decorating tips you should know

Interior decorating tips you should know

Just as there are some rules to keep in mind, there are always exceptions and tricks that we can take advantage of to make our home a truly beautiful place.

Home, for many, goes beyond being the resting place and storage of our personal belongings. It is a magical space that we prepare, according to our needs and tastes. To help you achieve a spectacular result, we share the following decorating tricks:

The interiors and their decoration tricks

The height ruleInterior decorating tips you should know

One of the decorating tricks you can put into practice from now on is the height rule.

Consists of:

  • Place objects of different sizes on flat surfaces.
  • And on the other hand, try not to join two objects with the same height. For example: if there are three vases on a table, they should not be placed in the same place if they are the same height.

For this reason, when decorating a table, it is best to have a variety in the size of the objects.  As in nature, indifference, there is harmony.

However, every rule has an exception. If you want to place multiple objects of the same height on a surface, at least make sure they vary in shape. This will offer a different view.

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Vertical lines

Use the vertical lines to give more height. Regardless of the size of the space you have, if you play with the vertical lines you will create a visually wide space.

This trick works especially when decorating the walls. Not only because it helps to maximize heights, but also because it creates a certain illusion of greater luminosity and symmetry. In the same way that happens when the interiors have a high ceiling.

From the vertical lines of a specific focal point (which can be a painting, a piece of furniture or another type of accessory), we distribute and design the rest of the elements in the room. Thus, we can find living rooms that put their center on a sofa, others on a table, and others on a floor lamp.

A trick that derives from the correct use of vertical lines is the use of one’s height as a reference. It is used to hang pictures, place shelves, and place shelves.

In this sense, imagine that painting hangs too high, surely you could not appreciate it in a comfortable way. For this reason, taking your height as a reference is convenient when placing objects in view.

The meeting point

Interior decorating tips you should know

The third of the decorating tricks is the use of a common element that gives cohesion to the entire room. It is a detail that works as the central link of a chain. In most cases, it is a specific color, but it can be many other things. For example, define a specific reason: the jungle, the forest, the animal print, a material such as wood, etc.

It should be noted that, although it is not usually common, the texture is also a meeting point in interior decoration. For example, some cushions and silk curtains in a room generate a feeling of unity in the environment. Of course, this aspect will be reinforced by the use of color and other factors.

The perfect lighting

Another trick of interior decoration revolves around lighting. It is well known that you have to take advantage of natural light as much as possible.

Take care of the choice of your lamps. Certainly, the type of bulb makes the tone of the light vary (thus being cooler or warmer).

Perfect lighting is achieved by harnessing light. This implies not placing any element that can get between the light entry and the interior. But also,  observe the environment at different times of the day and place the lamps in places where the light cannot reach.

These tricks help us take advantage of the different spaces and achieve a pleasant, beautiful, and cozy atmosphere. So do n’t hesitate to implement and take advantage of these tricks. After all, a space with a pleasant aesthetic can give rise to many special moments.

The Odd Rule and the LadderInterior decorating tips you should know

Although elements can be placed in pairs, the use of odd ones is much more dynamic to the eye. In interior decoration compositions consisting of three elements succeed. The most popular is that of a vase, a candle or lamp, and a book.

Another rule is derived from the odd-numbered rule that consists of creating stairs. Arrange objects in such a way that they appear to be placed on different steps even though they are on the same surface.

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