How to Make Divorce Easier for the Children Involved

Divorce is a difficult time for every couple and as well as lots of emotions being in the mix, often there are also children involved too, which can make it much more complicated and especially emotional.

During a divorce there are lots of things to do to see the process through and to sort out – from the dividing of the finances, to finding a professional like this solicitor Gloucester based family law specialist to sorting out who will live where, including where the children will live.

A divorce itself is not something that has a negative effect on children, it is more about how it is dealt with. Ensuring that both parties are thinking of the children and their feelings throughout, as well as what is best for them is essential to maintaining a good relationship between family members as well as for the child’s emotional wellbeing.

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First of all, the child should be able to be heard and supported by the parents. If they want to talk about how they are feeling they should be listened to. Making sure that you have a relationship with your child where they feel that they can talk to you about their feelings is crucial for their happiness. Listening without judgement and putting your own feelings to one side is not always easy, but it is something that needs to be done.

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You should also explain honestly about what is going on and what will happen. Depending on the age of the children of course you may need to simplify it or put it into language that makes sense to them, but explaining what is going on will stop them from feeling that they are in the dark and will help them to feel more secure and not as anxious about what the future may bring.

Keeping as much routine, consistency and normality as possible is also important. Having the regular day to day life, spending time with both parents and other family members and doing the extra curricular activities and seeing friends as usual will help children to feel secure and also to see that although there are some changes being made, they are still supported and loved.

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