Building an environmentally friendly holiday retreat.

If you have always had the dream of building your own environmentally friendly holiday retreat, then the first thing you should check out after finding the perfect location is Timber Frame House Kit Prices.  These complete kits are a cost-effective way of constructing individually designed wooden holiday homes.  Do your research on various areas of the Country where this type of holiday is the most popular and then take your time in deciding on the perfect piece of land.  Talk to the locals in the area and ensure there are things to do and interesting places to visit that will attract customers to your holiday destination.  Once the land is secured talk to the friendly, experienced Team who design and build the Timber Frame Construction kits that you have decided to use.  Many families are now enjoying the peace and solitude of a secluded holiday location but still want some useful amenities close by.

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Located close to a river or nestled under the canopy of trees, as long as you get the design and construction right, your unique holiday cottages and tranquil retreat will draw in visitors from far and wide.  Lightweight and durable, your Timber Framed Lodges will prove to be a cost-effective, ideal opportunity to start your own Holiday Rental Retreat business.

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Add luxury accessories like Hot tubs, supply soft, white towels and provide quality linen for the beds and your Holiday Retreat will soon become very popular.


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