Construction industry bounce-back sees increased demand for surface treatments

As life beings to gather pace again in the new post pandemic world, demand in the construction industry is rising and this means an increased need for surface treatments and the benefits they confer on so many components.

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Although the rising demands in the construction sector are generally good news, some areas may be experiencing labour shortages due to the consequences of Brexit. This has also affected supply chain issues, as explained in this report in The Guardian.

Positive outlook

Despite these challenges, the outlook for the UK is extremely buoyant, with growth of nearly 14 per cent expected by the close of this year. Construction is a bellwether industry, and growth in this area means other areas are likely to follow.

One effect of this buoyancy Is the expected increase in demand for PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene coatings. This type of coating is a synthetic polymer of tetrafluoroethylene that plays a role in a wide range of applications and may be more familiarly known by its brand name of Teflon. This a popular coating for many kinds of household items to reduce friction for non-stick cookware, and also has uses in dentistry, medicine and the production of waterproof clothing.

Metal plating choices

As construction demands rise there will be more activity in the electroplating sphere and its benefits for components in many industries. Electroplating with different metals can reduce friction, prevent rust and corrosion and improve appearance.

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Nickel is a very versatile metal for plating as it gives protection against a host of corrosive and damaging substances, adding hardness and preventing brittleness. This makes a significant contribution to reliability and durability. Electroplating can use a great deal of electricity and with rising energy prices, electroless nickel plating is an excellent alternative. This process uses chemicals rather than current to deposit the nickel layer to give impressive results. If you’re thinking about incorporating electroless nickel plating into your manufacturing processes, it would be a good idea to consult a variety of firms in this field, such as Poeton, and see what kinds of terms they offer.

As production pace picks up across the board, it will pay to be organised and look ahead for market trends. Planning should make it easier to meet deadlines, especially if you build in a little time to accommodate supply chain issues in the short term to meet all contract specifications.

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