Creating a Memory Book to Help Someone with Dementia

Helping and supporting people suffering from dementia can be hard at times. Knowing what the right thing is to do and at what time you make decisions for their wellbeing, as well as seeing a loved one’s health decline is one of the hardest things that you can do.

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People who suffer from dementia, often need specialist care such as at this care home Weston Super Mare based Notaro. As their health declines they need more and more help and support with basic tasks and living in their home can be dangerous for them as well as impractical.

One really good way that you can help a friend or family member suffering from dementia is to help them create a memory book. This is a lovely way to continue to build a bond with them, and it help them to relive happy memories from the past and more recently.

Creating a memory book also helps the person to communicate and use their brain to recall things from the past. You just need a large book full of plain paper, and you can write in it as they tell you about parts of their life, and you can even fill it with photographs to remind them of happy times.

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You can also include things like photographs of countries or cities that they may have visited, a picture of a uniform that they may have worn to work, pets that they have owned, or the first car that they owned. Whatever they wish to talk about just go along with it at their pace, if they become upset or distressed trying to recall something just stop for the day.

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