How does a boiler work?

It sits happily in the corner switching on at certain times and heating the home and providing you with hot water. However, do you ever stop and wonder what it is the boiler does and how it does it? It seems such an innocent thing, just another white good almost, but when it goes wrong you immediately have problems. There is a way of stopping this from happening.  If you contact Boiler Service Cheltenham based company they can arrange for the boiler to be regularly serviced which will ensure it lasts as long as it resonasble should.

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The boiler is not really a “boiler” in the sense that the last thing you want it to do is literally boil the water in the system. The heat of the water that is drawn into the boiler is controlled by a thermostat that you can locate and regulate. The boiler will work to the set temperature. So, if scalding hot water is coming out your taps it means it is an idea to turn it down.

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Most modern boilers rely on natural gas to power themselves. Pumps and valves within the boiler push the water around pipes linked to the taps and to your radiators, a simple, yet quite complicated engineering process.

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