How to be happy: 6 Steps

Happiness is the state to which, consciously or not, seeks virtually everyone. Another thing is that happiness at everyone: someone happy family, someone professional self-realization, someone material prosperity.

In the way of happiness is our delusion that happiness is difficult to achieve. We all used to think that the benefit to be earned, and that is easy, it does not cost anything. Even the expression is this – “through suffering happiness.” Often, instead, to become really happy, we start to produce this happiness, thinking himself the obstacles and suffering for no reason. We do not believe in luck if it goes itself into our hands. We believe this is what is gained, produced, earned, and never – what turned out to be in our hands easily and happily.

1) Define the parameters of your own fortune

Remember that to be happy – it is also a goal. And to achieve the goal, it is necessary to see to know. Decide for yourself, on what grounds you will realize that you are happy, or it may occur, and you will not even notice. If happiness is when you love, decide how you will know that you are loved. The more options and features you will find, the clearer will be your objective and easier path to it. Try to play in our happiness.

2) Identify what gives you pleasure in life

To feel happy, it is important not only to draw the scenery but also fill them with things that bring you joy. Make a list of what you are always happy and gives you pleasure, that without which life would become a drab existence. It can be weekly gatherings with friends in a cafe, a new book, shopping, etc. Make it a rule to periodically check your list and, as its implementation, cross out something, add something. See how much of this list you implement in your life. If small, then what’s stopping you? Check, whereby you can sell something that gives you joy. Perhaps, for this, I would have to give up some boring and uninteresting cases.

3) Live in the present

Happy can not be yesterday or tomorrow, only today. Remember that only the present time at our disposal all our strength, energy, and attention. During the day, listen to your thoughts – you realize that thinking about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. So you may find that you almost do not have in the present. Therefore, become happy right here and now. If you are not happy with anything in the present, it is likely that the future will please not too much, because it also has a tendency to become present.

4) Build on what you are willing to make

Happiness must necessarily be based on a combination of “I” and “want.” Few wants something, you should still be able to and be willing to do it, otherwise, happiness will turn into a bubble that will burst in one day, leaving behind the disappointment. Recall again the parameters of his happiness, and look at the list you made up for in paragraph 2 – that’s what you want. But what would you want and are willing to do to be happy? Remember that on your list should be just what you can do to make yourself. Because “everyone is the architect of his own happiness.”

5) Accept yourself for who you are

Happiness is based on the acceptance of yourself as a person, to consent to be who you are. The American psychologists have a saying: “If you’re in Chicago, you cannot call from anywhere except Chicago.” This means that if you want to be happy, then it can be done only from the state in which you are now. Happiness is not based on who you will ever be, and who you already are. Write down on a piece of paper their strengths, learn it and remember your dignity – it is something that you can rely on life. Write down on a piece of paper and its drawbacks and do the following thing: redo every flaw in dignity.

6) Configure your employment

Life more interesting than into more activity we are involved. We often dream about the rest, the possibility of not working. However, according to psychological research less than we have ever occupied, the greater the likelihood that we are fixated on any one activity or less agree on the desired activity. That is why among housewives longer disadvantaged women than among women who work hard.

At the very beginning, we said that to be happy is not only difficult, but also simple. To be happy, you need only the inner desire and intention to be happy. Do not make a person happy circumstances, and internal readiness to be happy and the ability to be content with what has. Surely all know the state when everything seems to be there for happiness, but happiness is not the. But happiness – is not when there are no problems. When you are happy, and trouble and failures can happen in life. However, a happy person knows that troubles and failures can be, and take them not as obstacles, but as a springboard – to get a better push off.

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