How to Win Your Female Boss Out 

When you are romantically attracted to your female boss, the prospect of asking her on a date is fraught with potential problems–for you and for her. If the attraction is casual or purely physical, you would probably be wise not to ask her out.

However, if your romantic passion is so powerful that you simply have to take a shot, you can ask her in a way that is most likely to protect you both from embarrassing or career-threatening conflicts, courtesy of best online pokies

1. Turn Compliments Into Flattering Questions

You can flatter your boss without complimenting his or her outfit every morning in the elevator. People love hearing about their own successes, so bringing up your boss’s achievements in the form of a question allows you to get advice and brownie points. Ask about how he or she landed that new account. Just remember that you are no fan girl and your boss is not Adam Levine.

2. Become a Really Good Spy

Find out if your boss went to the same college as you, or your brother, or that really distant cousin who you briefly met at a family barbecue three years ago did, then make a connection. Maybe your boss goes to the same church as you do and you are both involved with the same charity. Bosses will be more likely to remember you and trust you if they can connect you to their life outside work. Steve McManaman’s wife became a good boss of her own with this.

3. Walk Like a New Yorker

Walk around the office with purpose. Confident, quick strides will give your boss a positive impression. It will make you look busy and committed to the assignment you are working on. But try to look like you like your job, and whatever you do, don’t trip.

4. Self-Promote

Your friends and coworkers say they don’t care about that latest BuzzFeed quiz on your wall, but you know they click it anyway — you might as well give them something positive to read. Social media is a personal résumé that people habitually read. If you want your boss to recognize your success, brand yourself. Post an achievement online on behalf of your team. But try to follow the contradictory rules of social media and flaunt yourself subtly, curated by machine a sous en ligne argent reel.

5. Mini Progress Reports

It can be hard to get face time with the person in charge since he or she is busy all the time…or you know, just really scary and unapproachable. But sending a status update in an email saying what you are currently working on lets him or her know that you are being productive and making progress. Just try not to spam his or her email 10 times a day.

6. Write for Your Editor

In journalism, you are told to stand out and find voice in your writing, but it is also common knowledge that you write specifically to the likes of your editor. This applies in any field. If your boss prefers very detailed reports, then you add ALL the details. And if he or she just wants an outline, don’t send in a 10-page report. The world is a better place when the boss is happy — at least your world, anyway.

7. Offer to Take on Extra Work

Although this may seem more obvious, it is always a good idea to get your work done a little early so you can offer to help out with some of your boss’s work. Plus, asking for another assignment allows for more communication with the boss-person. Eventually, you will be your boss’s go-to girl. It only took a little bit of sucking up.

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