Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day With Among Us Gifts

Show Your Love This Valentine's Day With Among Us Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. For fans of the popular multiplayer game Among Us, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to show your special someone how much you care with fun and creativity among us Valentine’s gifts. Among Us took the world by storm in 2020 as a social deduction game that tests your detective skills and ability to spot an impostor. With its cute space-themed characters and betrayal-based gameplay, it has inspired a passionate fandom. For Among Us fans, combining this quirky game with Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate your relationship with gifts as sus or wholesome as you choose.

We’ll explore unique Among Us Valentine’s gift ideas to surprise your partner or friend. From plushies and apparel to mugs and cards, these presents are perfect for every type of Among Us fan.

Among Us Plushies

Adorable Among Us plushies make for heartwarming Valentine’s Day gifts. Cuddle up with a soft crewmate or impostor plushie to remind your loved one how you always have each other’s backs.

Among Us Plushies

Popular choices include:

Crewmate Plushies

  • Basic Among Us Crewmate Plush: These feature a classic Among Us crewmate design in red, blue, or other colors. Let your sweetie hug this every time they miss you!
  • Mini Crewmate Plush: Mini crewmates are the beloved pets that follow players around in-game. Gift a tiny plush version to say “you’re my mini me!”
  • Plushie Holding Heart: Choose a tender crewmate holding a little felt heart to drive home the Valentine’s Day message.

Impostor Plushies

  • Impostor Bean Plush: Gift one of these squishy little “impostors” to your fellow sus lover. Just beware of any betrayal!
  • Plushie Holding Knife: Find an impostor plush slyly holding a felt knife behind its back for some harmless Valentine’s fun.
  • Dead Crewmate Plush: This dark humor plush shows an “impostor” standing over a dead crewmate with an anime-style sweatdrop. Perfect for couples who can take a joke!

With tons of crewmates and impostors to choose from, you can find the perfect plushie to make your Valentine smile.

Among Us Apparel & Accessories

Clothing and accessories featuring the Among Us game are also great Valentine’s Day gift ideas. If you and your partner love playing together, these items allow you to showcase your fandom.

Among Us Apparel & Accessories

Fun Among Us apparel gifts include:

Among Us T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

  • Matching Among Us Tees: Get couples tees featuring the game’s characters and icons so you can match when playing.
  • “Impostor” or “Crewmate” T-Shirts: Proclaim your main in-game role with a funny Among Us theme shirt.
  • Jerseys: Pick jerseys styled after the characters’ uniforms, complete with player name and number on the back.
  • Holiday-Themed Designs: Find Valentine’s themed Among Us tops with messages like “I Don’t Want to Eject You From My Heart.”

Among Us Hats & Backpacks

  • Character Hats: Get that signature Among Us look with character visor caps or plush beanies shaped like crewmates and impostors.
  • Themed Backpacks: Backpacks styled after characters make useful gifts for carrying books and devices.

Among Us Socks

  • Crewmate Socks: Slip into comfortable and colorful crewmate-face socks for a subtle geek chic vibe.
  • Heart Pattern Socks: Opt for socks covered in tiny Among Us character hearts to get in the mood.

Other Accessories

  • Wallets, lanyards, scarves, gloves, and more featuring Among Us designs make for fun little gifts to unwrap.

With apparel covering every style from casual to formal, you can sport matching or complimentary Valentine’s Day fashions with your special someone.

Mugs, Glassware, and Drinkware

Sip your morning coffee or tea together from matching Among Us mugs or glassware. These cute gifts are perfect for Valentine’s breakfast in bed or date nights relaxing at home.

Drinkware gift ideas include:

  • Character Mugs: Choose mugs shaped like individual characters or group scenes.
  • “Crewmate” and “Impostor” Mugs: Declare your alignment with funny labeled mugs.
  • Heart/Love Themed Mugs: Opt for mugs featuring the characters holding hands or heart designs.
  • Glass Coffee Cups: Get a matching his and hers glass coffee cup set depicting the characters.
  • Water Bottles: Stay hydrated with stainless steel water bottles printed with spaceship scenes or characters from Among Us.
  • Beer Pint Glasses or Cans: For 21+ fans, get limited edition Among Us Valentine’s beer glasses or cans.
  • Shot Glasses: Take shots in style with Among Us visor shot glasses.

With coordinating drinkware, you and your Valentine can always reminisce about your Among Us passion while enjoying your beverages.

Valentine’s Cards & Posters

Share silly or romantic Valentine’s cards featuring Among Us characters and themes. Or decorate your space with love-filled Among Us posters.

Creative card and poster ideas include:

Printed Valentine’s Cards

  • Character Cards: Exchange store-bought or custom cards starring the Among Us characters.
  • Pop-up Cards: Choose 3D pop-up cards with characters or scenes inside.
  • Handmade Card: Craft a meaningful handmade Valentine’s card featuring in-jokes and references only you two understand.

Printed Posters

  • Character Posters: Find posters with the full crew or your favorite characters posed cutely or suspensefully.
  • Relationship Posters: Opt for designs like characters passing a heart, holding hands, or smooching inside their suits.
  • DIY Canvas: Make a custom Valentine’s painting or photo collage on canvas featuring your usernames, mains, or memories.

With the right card or poster, you can create a romantic Among Us Valentine’s experience.

Valentine's Cards & Posters

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry makes for intimate Among Us Valentine’s Day gifts. Swap or wear matching pieces symbolizing your unbreakable bond.

Sentimental jewelry ideas include:


  • Character Charm Bracelets: Exchange bracelets with charms like characters, spaceships, and the Impostor symbol.
  • Handcuff Bracelets: Try playful “handcuff” style bracelets, linked by a heart or chain.


  • Half-Heart Necklaces: Wear half-heart necklaces that join together to make a full heart.
  • Crewmate Pendants: Get matching pendants shaped like Among Us crewmates.
  • Locket Necklaces: Place a tiny photo of you two inside matching locket necklaces.


  • Couples Rings: Exchange classy engraved rings reading “Crewmate 4 Life” or “Impostor 4 Ever” inside the band.
  • Gamer Ring: Gift a stylish ring modeled after a joystick controller.

Jewelry makes wonderfully personal gifts to remind your Valentine of your unbreakable connection.

Other Among Us Valentine’s Gifts

Beyond typical gifts, you can get creative with unique among us valentine’s themed presents. Surprise your partner with these fun gift ideas:

  • A custom Among Us video game poster with your usernames and mains designed like a movie poster.
  • Matching Among Us crewmate outfits or hoodies to wear for cosplay.
  • A set of Among Us cups, straws, plates, utensils and more for intimate home-cooked meals together.
  • A custom Among Us mousepad or playmat featuring inside jokes.
  • An Among Us coffee table art piece made by painting the visor of an old space helmet.
  • A handmade coupon book offering gaming sessions, back rubs, home-cooked meals, and other treats you can redeem.
  • A surround sound gaming headset to enhance your immersive Among Us sessions.

With homemade gifts, merch collaborations, and specialty accessories, the options are endless for creative Among Us Valentine’s presents. Focus on your partner’s specific interests to make it extra special.

Valentine's Day a Bit Sus

Make Your Valentine’s Day a Bit Sus

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for Among Us fans to come together and celebrate their special connection through gifts reflecting this fun social game. Whether it’s cuddly plushies, stylish apparel, cheeky mugs, or sentimental jewelry, there are tons of gift ideas to choose from for your partner, friends, or crush.

Focus on inside jokes, favorite characters, playing strategies, and other personal details to make your gift extra meaningful. With the popularity of Among Us still going strong, there are always new merch collabs and gift concepts being released to take advantage of.

Most of all, have fun brainstorming and exchanging presents with your fellow crewmate or impostor. Adding that signature Among Us humor and suspense makes the holiday that much more memorable. Just beware of any betrayal if your Valentine turns out to be the impostor!

Among Us Valentine’s Day FAQs

What are some romantic Among Us gifts to give for Valentine’s Day?

Some romantic Among Us gift ideas include matching heart-themed crewmate plushies, mugs or jewelry with lovey-dovey designs, printed shirts or posters with phrases like “You’re My Favorite Crewmate,” a handmade coupon book, or half-heart necklaces.

What if my Valentine doesn’t play Among Us?

If your Valentine isn’t an Among Us player, focus on gifts featuring just the characters without inside references. Fun picks could be a cute crewmate plushie, socks or jewelry with minimal designs, a character t-shirt in their favorite color, or a mug with a basic character image rather than one holding a knife or heart.

Should I get matching Valentine’s Day gifts?

Matching or coordinating gifts like shirts, mugs, plushies, and jewelry are popular for Valentine’s Day since they symbolize your partnership. Just make sure your partner is someone who would appreciate couple’s gifts based on their interests. Matching presents shouldn’t feel forced.

What gifts work for a Valentine’s Day party or exchange?

If you need a fun Valentine’s Day gift for a party or exchange, good ideas are an Among Us greeting card, socks, beanie, keychain, mug, water bottle or other small merch item. Choose something gender-neutral if you get a random person. Or opt for inside jokes if you get a close friend.

What do I do if the Among Us gifts don’t arrive in time?

If you ordered an Among Us gift online but find it won’t arrive by Valentine’s Day, let your partner know and pick another gift that you can get quickly in person. A fun backup could be Among Us chocolates, homemade coupons, or gift cards to download the game or purchase stars/skins. What matters most is that you celebrate your love!


Among Us has stolen many gamers’ hearts, making themed gifts appropriate for Valentine’s Day romance. With the vast range of merch, apparel and DIY among us valentine’s options, you can find the perfect gift to make your special someone feel “crewmate official.” Planning a romantic evening meal? Elevate the experience by infusing it with personalized touches, such as customized or inside joke presents that hold meaningful thought. Most importantly, let the spirit of fun and shared interests prevail as you celebrate your affection with Among Us gifts this Valentine’s season!

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